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11382Clip: Tortoise Compile Rarities Box Set

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  • Carl Z.
    Jan 8, 2006

      Exclusive: Tortoise Compile Rarities Box Set

      Kati Llewellyn and Amy Phillips report:
      2006 is only six days old, and already it's shaping up to be a big
      year for Chi-town post-whatever godfathers Tortoise. First, on January
      24, Overcoat Recordings will release the long-awaited Tortoise/Will
      Oldham collaborative covers collection, The Brave and the Bold. But
      you knew all about that already.

      The big news is that on April 11, Thrill Jockey will unleash the
      Tortoise rarities box set Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters. Centered
      around the 1995 tour-only, out of print album of the same name,
      Rhythms collects a plateful of singles, compilation tracks, remixes,
      and bonus cuts. The three-disc set will also contain a DVD, the
      contents of which have yet to be finalized. We've got the tracklist
      for the audio portion, but the sequence has yet to be finalized.

      Box turtles:

      Gamera (1995 Duophonic single)
      The Source of Uncertainty (1996 Headz 2 compilation)
      Blackbird (2001 Standards Japanese bonus track)
      Sexual for Elizabeth (2001 Five Deez remix)
      To Day Retrieval (1998 Autechre remix)
      Whitewater (1995 Soul Static Sound single)
      Didjeridoo (2001 Red Hot + Indigo compilation)
      Autumn Sweater (1997 Yo La Tengo remix)
      Wait (1996 Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip compilation)
      Jetty '99 remix (1999 Chicago 2018: It's Gonna Come compilation)
      Restless Waters (1996 The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc
      Vaus (1996 Duophonic split single with Stereolab)
      Blue Station (2001 Standards Japanese bonus track)
      Madison Area (1998 Thrill Jockey tour single)
      Why We Fight (1995 Soul Static Sound single)
      Elmerson, Lincoln, and Palmieri (2004 It's All Around You Japanese bonus track)
      A Grape Dope (1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die Japanese Bonus Track)
      Peering (2001 Gently Cupping the Chin of the Ape Thrill Jockey tour single)
      Goriri (1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die Japanese bonus Track)
      As You Said (1995 A Means to An End Joy Division tribute compilation)
      CTA (2002 Urban Renewal Program compilation)
      Deltitnu (2004 It's All Around You Japanese bonus track)
      Adverse Camber (1998 Autechre remix)
      Cliff Dweller Society (1995 Duophonic single)
      Waihopai (2001 Gently Cupping the Chin of the Ape tour single)
      TNT Nobukazu Takemura remix (1998 TNT Japanese bonus track)
      Alcohall (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Your New Rod (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Cobwebbed (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      The Match Incident (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Tin Cans Puerto Rican Remix (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Not Quite East of the Ryan (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Initial Gesture Protraction (Rhythms, Resolutions, & Clusters)
      Cornpone Brunch Mike Watt remix (previously unreleased)

      * Tortoise: http://www.trts.com/site.html