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10892Re: [fearnwhiskey] new Chris Whitley

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  • Jason Baldwin
    Aug 9, 2005
      Dave wrote:
      Any thoughts on the new one so far? I've only had time to give it a
      couple listens. I dig it, but it feels much closer to ROCKET HOUSE than
      LIVING...not that I was expecting a remake of the latter, but given that
      the PR played up the reunion with Burn, I guessed it might be closer to

      I really like the first track, but the version of "Her Furious Angels" that's on it is inferior to the one on WCB.

      As for the rest of it, I'm disappointed...

      I'd like to hear him make a more expansive record again. He's really
      gotten into a hushed, quiet, almost confidential groove and while I like
      it, I'd love to hear something big and wide open again.

      ...for that very reason. He's one artist I don't expect to re-make the same album over and over, but after having been spoiled by the passion, the reckless abandon of the live shows, this isn't exactly what I want to hear from him. From PERFECT DAY on, he's done very little that's got any "oomph" to it, and I miss that. He's proved he's capable of it.

      I'm not giving up, and I need to listen to it more to properly evaluate it, which I'll get to as soon as I can stop listening to Hot Hot Heat and Grand Champeen, which were essentially the soundtrack to my long weekend in Seattle, which was over too soon. When I do, I'll write at greater length, if you want.

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