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10363RE: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Clip: Pitchfork

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  • Carl A Zimring
    Mar 9, 2005
      Perfect Sound Forever is the gold standard in online essay-length features. Dig into the archives when you have a spare eight hours or so. I mentioned AtN because its format so closely mirrored Pitchfork (albeit from an older perspective). (AtN's demise also serves as an ideal case study in the history of internet businesses in the 90s.)

      Car; Z.

      Jason Witherspoon wrote:

      > At 8:54 AM -0500 3/9/05, Dave Purcell wrote:
      >> Just wanted to say I was happy to see a couple mentions of Addicted To
      >> Noise out here. IIRC, it was one of the first websites I visited on a
      >> regular basis. Good stuff, I was sad to see it go.
      >> dp
      > Has anyone mentioned Perfect Sound Forever
      > (http://www.perfectsoundforever.com) in this thread? I very rarely visit
      > any of the what-you-should-think-about-music sites, but when I do it tends
      > to be PSF.
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