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10253Re: [fearnwhiskey] Shameless Plug (was :Clip: ? and the Mysterians)

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  • Mock the DJ
    Feb 1, 2005
      >From: Carl Zimring <cz28@...>

      >--On Saturday, January 29, 2005 11:00 AM -0500 Mock the DJ
      ><mockthedj@...> wrote:
      > > The line-up?
      > > Sean Lally (ex-Frampton Brothers), guitar
      > > Greg Costantino (ex-Z.O.W.I.E.), bass
      > > Joe Morrison (ex-Mt. McKinleys), drums
      > > Me (not cool enough to be "ex" anything), Farfisa
      >Two bands, two instruments...is there an organ next to your bar now?

      Are you coming on to me?
      Actually, I do have a Hammond (not a B-3) in my living room, but alas, not
      by the bar.
      The Farfisa is courtesy of our guitar player, as I don't think my Casio
      MT-68 (circa 1984?) would work in this setting.
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