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100Zevon (was Clip: Chuck Kinder & the Deliberate Strangers)

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  • czimring
    May 31, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "Wilson, Carl" <cwilson@g...> wrote:
      > And don't forget Zevon's new record, too. This is something I've been
      > wanting to write about, if I can find the time (damn Twangfest! <g>)

      Zevon's record is similar to Jim Roll's record in one respect; both
      discs are largely co-written by prominent authors, though Zevon uses
      more Irish folk arrangements and Roll rocks out more.

      What do you think of the Zevon record? Given the presumed subject
      matter (the title track of _My Ride's Here_ is about death), I
      presumed it would sound similar to _Life'll Kill Ya_, but it's a lot
      lighter in tone, especially the song about the hockey goon he wrote
      with Mitch Albom and the jokey "Basket Case" written with Carl Hiaasen
      for Hiaasen's new novel. (As an aside, one of my favorite Zevon songs
      is "Seminole Bingo". Writen with Hiaasen for Zevon's _Mutineer_
      album, it's the story of a junk bond trader who flees Wall Street, not
      to hide in tax exile in Switzerland, but to play bingo in the swamps
      of Florida, set to a driving rhythm that recalls his earlier "Boom
      Boom Mancini" on synthesizer.)

      Maybe the darkest thing on the record is the one Zevon wrote with
      Hunter Thompson, a long, moody piece called "You're a Whole Different
      Person When You're Scared". Will Oldham could cover it. Has Hunter
      written any other songs? You'd think someone in the past 30 years
      would have drafted him for lyrics.

      Carl Z.
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