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[fdrtools] FDRTools 2.5.0 released

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  • Andreas Schoemann
    Version 2.5.0 adds important usability features like Undo/Redo and fixes several stability issues. New or changed functionality: * Make the source images
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2011

      Version 2.5.0 adds important usability features like "Undo/Redo" and fixes several stability issues.

      New or changed functionality:

      • Make the source images directory the default for the output file chooser.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: redesign of "History" functionality. Using "Tabs" for branches it is now easier (and faster) to switch among branches.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: "History" resp. "Undo/Redo" functionality added.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: "Save/Load module state" feature added, also known as "Save/Load settings".
      • GUI: improve responsiveness of scrolling in Preview mode.
      • GUI: the Preview can now be zoomed via the mousewheel.
      • GUI: make selection in the "small" Navigator within Preview moveable by dragging via left mouse button.
      • GUI: hide (evtl. visible) Preview when closing a project.
      • Projects: derive project name and output file name from input images.
      • Preferences: option to configure the program language added.
      • Preferences: add "output color space" parameter to "Raw Conversion" tab.
      • System: add entry to the Windows registry so that FDRTools executable can be found from other applications.
      • External software: "dcraw" updated to v9.10 and "ExifTool" updated to v8.65.

      Bugs fixed:

      • Calling FDRTools with images as arguments resulted in a small black stripe at the bottom of the Navigator.
      • OS X: calling FDRTools from the outside (Finder, Photo managing apps etc.) with images as arguments sometimes failed.
      • OS X: HDR Creation: Separation: possible crash, e.g. when using many source images (reported by Richard Sisk).
      • HDR Creation: Creative: ease a memory allocation peak possibly slowing down machines with little RAM.
      • GUI: several redrawing issues with Progress indicator and Navigator/Preview window.
      • HDR Creation: Creative: produced visible tiles in the saved image.
      • GUI: Navigator: pressing the Panorama buttons repeatedly could crash the application.
      • While loading images more memory than necessary was allocated.
      • Fixed the bug reported in http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/fdrtools/message/55.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: Contrast: Luminance failed to work for certain image types.
      • Fixed the bug reported in http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/fdrtools/message/53.
      • GUI: application may crash while resizing/scrolling the image preview.
      • Windows: program could not be started after installation.
      • Preferences were not saved when quitting the program.
      • HDR Creation: Separation: strange colors may occur in regions with moving objects (multithreading related).
      • HDR Creation: Separation: color shifts can occur when switching from Exif to Auto and back to Exif.
      • HDR Creation: Separation: choosing all color channels as separators causes grain in regions with strong colors.
      • HDR Creation: Separation: pressing the 'Defaults' button does not switch off separation mask and does not deselect layers.
      • HDR Creation: Separation: with active Separation module the program could crash during image saving.
      • HDR Creation: Separation: active separation mask caused crash when switching between tonemapping modules.
      • Projects: thumbnails from .dng's were not recognized.
      • Projects: project settings are lost if the "Save" dialog is active while the project settings are being saved.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: Postprocessing curve: changing dynamic range and collapsing the curve caused problems.
      • Tone Mapping: Compressor: the label text of slider "Smoothing" is not always redrawn if the tooltip of the "Compressor" slider is being displayed.
      • GUI: improve behaviour of the main window Close button.

        Direct download link:

        • With version 2.5.0 support for the Mac Power PC platform is abandoned.

        This update is free of charge for registered users.

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