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FDRTools 2.4.0 Beta6 released

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  • Andreas Schömann
    Version 2.4.0 brings new features and many improvements to the innards . It is now possible to process large images. Introduction of multithreading utilizes
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2010
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      Version 2.4.0 brings new features and many improvements to the "innards". It is now possible to process large images. Introduction of multithreading utilizes the power of multicore processors. Moreover new options allow for more control over the tone mapping process.

      New or changed functionality:
      • Make "Simplex" the default tonemapper (because of computational requirements of "Compressor").
      Bugs fixed:
      • Save file dialog: delete file name when closing the project.
      • Tone Mapping: modified the value range of Black and White Point sliders in order to avoid possible display problems.
      • OS X: Tone Mapping: locking problem caused crashes when handling curve points.
      • Application could crash when pressing the main window "Close" button while processing is going on.
      • Disable curve control function to change axis ranges via first/last curve point. While this functionality is handy it puts restrictions to the first/last curve points.
      You can find more information on this release in the following forum thread: http://fdrtools.com/smf/index.php?topic=377.msg1222;topicseen#msg1222

      Direct download link:
      This update is free of charge for registered users.

      Please note that this is a beta release. It works fairly stable already. However, you might still encounter problems. So please test this version intensively and report possible malfunctions as a reply to this message.

      Changes Beta5:

      New or changed functionality:
      • Integrate HDR and LDR save dialogs.
      • Create replacement for former HDR Inspector view. Consider HDR as a special case of tone mapping, i.e. identity mapping.
      • Augment curve control capabilities by allowing to change y-axis range interactively.
      • Add new controls to tone mapping dialogs (Exposure, Dynamic Range, Black Point, White Point).
      • Add possibility to modify "image resolution" metadata fields prior to saving the resulting image.
      • Color space of HDR image is now configurable.
      • Preview zoom range extended to 400%.
      • Module xDOF temporarily removed. xDOF makes real sense only with comprehensive image alignment which is not there yet. I'm sorry.
      Bugs fixed:
      • Zoomed view could crash when dragging the scrollbars (related to multi threading changes).
      • Make controls in alignment and HDR creation modules responsive.
      • Remove blockade between push and drag events in curve widgets.
      • Pink highlight problem of some Canon 50D cameras fixed.
      • Problem reading project files of future FDRTools versions fixed.
      • Program crashed when pressing the Close button of the main window during a computation.
      • Various issues of the White Balance tool solved. The issues are mostly related to multithreading support introduced with v2.4.0.

      Changes Beta4:

      New or changed functionality:
      • Integration of former 'Navigator' and 'Preview' windows.
      • Integration of former 'Progress' window with the Main window.
      • Make controls "responsive". E.g. when dragging a slider the screen is updated without the need to release the slider.
      • Performance: reduced memory usage, especially when working with many source images.
      • Performance: optimisations in tone mapping modules.
      Bugs fixed:
      • Reading 16 bit TIFF images could crash the program.
      • Memory leaks fixed.
      • Fixed potential crash situations caused by introducing multithreading.

      Changes Beta3:

      New or changed functionality:
      • Performance: several optimizations in order to speed up algorithmic calculations and image loading.
      • Preferences: added feature to detect system display profile. If enabled the detected profile is used instead of the manually configured profile.
      Bugs fixed:
      • "Out of memory" message close button showed no reaction hence application couldn't terminate.
      • Quick repeated use of the white balance tool pipette freezes the program.
      • Receptor tone mapper had a bug introduced in the course of the modifications for v2.4.0.
      • Projects: added missing parameters and repaired unsaved check.
      • Switching among HDR generators could cause a crash in certain situations.

      Changes Beta2:

      Bugs fixed:
      • Program crashed when trying to read project files from versions earlier than 2.3
      • Once in a while crash on cancelling project changes.
      • Coordinates and RGB value within Preview were not displayed correctly.
      • Resulting images of integer formats were always scaled to the maximum integer value thereby foiling deliberate downscaling by the user.
      • Images were not correctly "prepared". When reading prepared images histograms were missing alongside other side effects.
      • Histograms were not always drawn correctly - missing histograms or flickering.
      • Redraw behaviour of Preview had a few shortcomings.
      • Drawing of tabs has been slightly modified.
      • "Color Plus" button was activated when pressing "Defaults" with only one image loaded.

      Changes Beta1:

      New or changed functionality:
      • Ability to process large images.
      • Support for multicore processors / multiprocessor systems.
      • New controls broaden the tone mapping options and allow for more precise adjustments.

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