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289Re: Patsolve 3.0

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  • WKRfresno@aol.com
    Mar 6, 2002
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      I doubt that I had much credibility when I wrote that my solver had done over one million games per hour last year. Now that yours runs near that magnitude people will start to believe it can be done. It'll be fun to see how much you can improve during the coming months. Mine runs on a single-processor Intel 733. What's yours?
      If you are using an Alpha (64 bits?), can the numbers be normalized to those run on other processors? Do you know how fast anyone else's solver is? Has anyone reported how fast your solver runs on their machine, and what their machine is?

      Damn. I don't know whether yours (of you) has an apostrophe.  Now I do, if the spell checker is reliable.

      Bill Raymond
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