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1472Most difficult constructed deals

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  • theodorepringle1@gmail.com
    Aug 15, 2016
      Here are some improvements of the records for the most difficult constructed deals listed on Michael Keller's FreeCell FAQ.

      This deal is impossible with eight freecells (it can be won with nine):

      AC AD 3C 3D QC QD TC TD
      AS AH 3S 3H QS QH TS TH
      5C 5D 7C 7D 8C 8D 6C 6D
      5S 5H 7S 7H 8S 8H 6S 6H
      9C 9D JC JD 4C 4D 2C 2D
      9S 9H JS JH 4S 4H 2S 2H
      KC KD KS KH

      This mid-game position (with all the red cards played to the foundations) requires 14 freecells to win:

      AC AS 2C 2S TC TS QC QS
      4S 4C 3S 3C
      5C 5S 6C 6S
      7S 7C 8S 8C
      9C 9S
      JS JC
      KC KS