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Promo--The Infinity: Earth Saga by Saje Williams--multiple excerpts.

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    Thanks to Yvette and Matt for the good words. And here s some additional tidbits you all might enjoy. A slightly edited version of the last post--multiple
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      Thanks to Yvette and Matt for the good words.

      And here's some additional tidbits you all might enjoy. A slightly edited version of the last post--multiple excerpts included.

      Well, as many of you know, Loki's Sin is available at this moment.

      Book I of the Infinity: Earth Saga, "Loki's Sin," is about a group of refugees from another version of Earth in a different universe. They've lived amongst us for hundreds of years, and held themselves separate for thousands of years before that. They are remembered as the gods of the ancient peoples. But now the time for hiding in the background is over...their enemy has found them again, and turned their appetite for conquest toward OUR home.

      To save Earth, the immortals must abandon their squabbles and a way must be found to turn normal humans into powerful allies against the coming invasion.

      Excerpt from Loki's Sin


      She simply stared at him for a long moment, then glanced down at her hands. She lifted the one with which she�d wiped her mouth and licked off his blood. �So I�m dead? Funny, I don�t feel dead.�

      I�ve created a vampire, he realized suddenly, his stomach doing a lazy roll. For a second he almost felt as though he was about to faint. His head spun.

      �I�m so thirsty,� she said, eyes pinned to the side of his neck, where he could feel the wound already closing. �It hurts.�

      Without thinking he offered her his wrist. �Here.�

      She took his arm gently, then, with all the fury of a starving dog, drove her teeth through the flesh of his wrist. She drank greedily as a sort of euphoria overtook him. Each pull from her mouth sent another wave of pleasure through his body. Finally, just when he thought he could take no more, she lifted her mouth away and dropped his arm.

      �That feels�better.� She took a step back, shaking her head. �I feel so strange.�

      No wonder. What the hell have I done? �You realize what you�ve become, don�t you, Renee?�

      �How did you do this? Why did you do this?�

      He offered her the tiniest shrug. �It wasn�t what I was trying to do�something went wrong and I don�t know what. I can try to fix it, but I�m not sure I can.�

      �Fix it?� She laughed suddenly. �I feel like a god! Why should I even want it fixed?� She looked down, seemed to realize for the first time that she was naked. �Where are my clothes?�

      �I�ll get them,� he said, crossing the room and opening a cabinet before she had a chance to say anything more. He took out the bundle inside and turned to hand them to her. But she was already standing within arm�s reach, having moved there within the blink of an eye without a single sound.

      She took them and slowly started getting dressed, seemingly unconcerned by such mundane issues as modesty. Even the chill in the room didn�t seem to touch her.

      �You can�t go out,� he told her. �We have to study this, figure out if we can reverse it. Maybe it�s simply the first step to making you what I am.�

      �What you are? What are you, Loki? Your blood was like ambrosia to me. I feel so�omnipotent�yes, that�s the word. I feel like I could bench press a semi, or race a jet. Can you do these things?�

      He realized suddenly that, somehow, he�d created something more powerful in many ways than he was himself. It was a sobering thought. �I can�t let you leave like this.�

      �Let me leave? You would hold me prisoner here? Tell me, little man, how do you propose to stop me?� She seemed to grow taller and the air of menace that filled the room almost breathed against the darkness.

      �Renee, please. I need to understand what happened. I need to test your blood, see what it is that the virus has done to you. Just give me a few hours, enough that neither of us are surprised by what happens next. In return I�ll answer any question you have. Any question.�

      The menace faded slightly and she took a deep, shuddering breath. �As you will, Loki. Indeed, let us discover together what you�ve done to me. And then�and then the night is mine.�


      In Book II, "Of Man and Monster," we get a glimpse into small-town America, and how the changes wrought by Loki's mutagenic viruses affect everyday people. A young man is faced with the choice of watching his home and community destroyed, or give his life in the service of something larger than himself.

      Excerpt from "Of Man and Monster."


      They pulled up about seventy feet away�well within the range of their rifles, but at the edge of her pistol�s effective distance. A bullet whined past, �spanging� off a wall and plunging deeper into the cave. She snapped off a quick shot and ducked back as another round whistled by.

      Ben still hadn�t moved. �Goddamit, Ben, get in here!�

      He threw his head back and screamed. Mid-screech it changed, transforming into a howl. She watched as his shoulders hunched and his jacket split. Fabric tore and fell away. Fur replaced skin in a shuddering ripple that passed over him like an errant shadow.

      A bullet slammed into him and spun him around. She saw rage flicker in his eyes as he whirled back around, lunging toward the shooter at a ground-eating clip. Seeing one of the other gunmen readying a shot, Rachel stepped into the open, took her time, and placed a bullet square in his chest. He went over backward as she shifted her aim to the last gunman. Her first shot went wide.

      The werewolf tore into his quarry, slamming him to the ground with a single swipe of his massive arm. His head snapped down and the man shrieked. Ben raised his head, muzzle dripping blood.

      �I�ll take care of him,� Amanda told her with a look at her expression of horror. �Get that shooter.�

      She dashed past and flung out her right hand. A scintillating ball of silver-white light blasted from her fingertips, hurtling between her and the werewolf. It struck and covered him in some kind of sticky webbing. The werewolf toppled, crashing to the ground with a solid thump halfway across his victim�s body.

      The third rifleman snapped his weapon around and lined up on Amanda. Rachel fired three more shots. The first skipped across the flesh of his upper arm, sending the rifle crashing to the ground. Rachel rushed him, yelling. �Police officer! Get on your knees and put your hands on your head!�

      Rather than obeying, he dove for the rifle. Swearing, she squeezed off another shot. This one caught him in the side. He went down and stayed there. She held the pistol on him as she leaned down to check the pulse in his neck.

      No blood! Shit! She leaped back too late. He twisted under her and kicked her feet out. She crashed to the ground, pistol flying out of her grasp as the breath exploded from her lungs. He threw himself on top of her, fingers lacing around her throat.

      Spots swam before her eyes as she struggled for air. He suddenly stiffened and jerked upright. Amanda came around him and kicked him in the armpit with the toe of her shoe. When his arm flew free Rachel clawed his other hand away from her throat and took a huge gulping breath as she fired a short punch into his solar plexus.


      In Book III, "Freak City" the young Ben Dalmas goes looking for his missing best friend and teams up with the small but powerful federal agent Amanda Keening in order to prevent an epic threat from destroying America and the world.

      Excerpt from "Freak City."


      Ben fidgeted as he eyed the row of chairs outside the Dean�s office. He felt too nervous to sit, and it was painfully clear just by looking at them that these particular chairs weren�t meant for comfort anyway. They�d never put comfortable chairs anywhere you�d have to wait more than about five minutes. It was like a law or something.

      He smelled something familiar and whipped his head around just in time to see a short, squat man with a strangely shaped skull escorting a small, black haired girl through the door from the foyer. He held a massive green duffel bag with one hand as if it weighed nothing.

      �You!� He felt his fists tighten as he glared at the man he thought of as Grey�s main lackey. What the hell was Baraz doing here?

      The little girl, rather than drawing away, stepped forward, reaching into her backpack. Her hazel eyes�an odd color for someone of obvious middle-eastern descent�were fierce and protective. A wide hand fell on her shoulder and Baraz murmured, �no. He�s no threat.�

      No threat? What does he mean by that? And what the hell does she have in her backpack? He sniffed and picked up the faintest trace of blood coming from somewhere near the girl. He scratched his head and raised his gaze to Baraz. �What are you doing here?�

      �Looking for a job,� he said smoothly. �You?�

      �I�ve gotta take some kind of weird test or someth�wait a minute. You said you�re looking for a job? I thought you worked for Grey.�

      �I did. Until tonight. Bastard fired me.�

      �I know him,� Jaz murmured to Baraz, in a hushed whisper she probably figured Ben couldn�t hear. �He�s a werewolf. I saw him take down a bunch of gangers down on Puyallup Avenue a few weeks ago.�

      �A werewolf?� Baraz looked at him skeptically. �Are you sure?�

      She nodded. �I�m sure.�

      Baraz�s gaze was measuring now, as if assessing his threat potential all over again. �That explains a few things, I suppose.� He stepped forward, around the girl, and stuck out a thick-fingered hand. �No hard feelings? I�m Baraz.�

      After a moment�s hesitation, Ben took it. �No hard feelings. I�m Ben Dalmas. Just Baraz? Is that a first or a last name?�

      �Yes,� Baraz said obscurely, a hint of a smile touching his thick lips. �So you�re going to be attending the Academy, then?�

      �If I pass this dumb test of theirs, anyway. Who�s the kid?�


      In Book IV, "Lady of Blades," a young woman is kidnapped and forced to participate in a breeding program to create super-warriors for an immortal tyrant. When she escapes, she vows to return and free her fellow prisoners, and take revenge on the immortal who had held her captive.


      She glanced up at the clock and groaned. A quarter to five in the morning. Jaz inexplicably wanted nothing more than to find a bed and curl up for a while. That was out of the question at this point. She had more important things to do.

      Her lycanthropes had already found someplace to den�most likely her under-utilized suite only a couple floors away�while she dealt with Athena and all the headaches that interaction usually brought with it.

      Jaz hated crime scenes. Especially nasty, bloody crime scenes. Even if she was only viewing them through photographs.

      She slid the 8 x 10 glossy back across the table and shrugged. �Quite a mess. Any idea what happened?�

      Athena fixed her with a cold, single-eyed glare and shook her head. �None. Five dead citizens. Same horrendous physical trauma. No physical evidence.�

      �Is that what you�re calling it? People are ripped into bloody gobbets and you�re calling it �horrendous trauma?��

      �What else should we call it?� Athena asked her. �It�s as though all these people were fed into a chipping machine in their own living rooms.�

      �No evidence of preternatural activity, I take it,� Jaz mused aloud. �No bite marks on the flesh, no sign of anything vampiric?�

      �One of the incidents happened in broad daylight, we�re pretty sure, which rules out 99.9% of all vampires. And even if some crazy bastard was turned into a lycanthrope, there�s still no real motive for doing this to the victims.�

      Jaz had to agree. It was probably the most gruesome thing she�d ever seen. Not that she was particularly squeamish, but the photo was damn hard to look at. She was just glad she hadn�t been forced to check out the scene in person. She took a sip of her coffee and grimaced. �This tastes like crap.�

      �I�d be a little more concerned about it if it wasn�t your third cup,� Athena told her. �Stop drinking it and I might reconsider sending someone to get us some real coffee.�

      �We live in what�s arguably the coffee capital of the western world and you insist on serving these rodent squeezings to your guests? That�s truly awful.�

      �You�re hardly a guest, Jaz. More like a semi-permanent irritant�like a reoccurring cockroach infestation.�

      �Gee, thanks. I�m sure I love you too. Oh, wait. That�s someone else entirely.�

      Athena rolled her single eye. �Nice to see you haven�t lost your sense of humor�such as it is.�

      �It�s hard to be humorous when you�re looking at something as gory as this picture,� Jaz said with a fake smile. �Sarcastic is the best I have to offer.�

      �I was hoping you could offer some insight.�

      �I�ve got insight, but you�re not going to want to hear it.�

      �Try me.�

      "Rogue Mage."


      Book V, "Deathweb," will feature the mercurial Nikki Sanchez, a teen superhero with nerves of steel and a mind sharp as a fistful of razor blades.


      April 4th, 2022

      Tacoma, WA


      Detective Rod Jarvis took a hesitant sip of coffee and peered out at the cold slashing rain outside his car window. Another night in the All American City.

      What a bunch of crap. What the hell does that mean, anyway? All American City, my fat white dimpled ass. He set his coffee down on the dash and lit another cigarette, blowing a gray cloud across the windshield before glancing back down at the notebook in his lap.

      �This case sucks dog dick,� he muttered irritably, chomping down on the butt as he keyed over to the next page. �I can�t believe the fucker was able to slip the leash this many times.�

      It didn�t bode well for his own luck with the case, but he had no intention of giving up so easily. Every piece of evidence pointed to this sadistic bastard being the Downtown Rapist, but nothing they had was any better than circumstantial. And the bastard had a good lawyer to slice their case into tiny bite-sized chunks every time they thought about taking it to court.

      The flash of light came so suddenly he nearly dropped the cigarette in shock. For the briefest second the interior of the car was as bright as day. �What the��

      Something hit the hood of his car like God�s Own Hammer. He looked out and espied two writhing figures at they took a tumble over the grill. A second later he caught a flash of light on polished steel and he threw open his door, digging his sidearm from its shoulder holster.

      He skirted the front fender, trying to get a better look at what he hadn�t quite caught the first time. Two identically-dressed figures, their bodies shrouded in what looked to be form-fitting charcoal gray leotards, were doing their best to slice, pound, or otherwise dismember one another as they rolled across the wet pavement in front of his car. �Enough!� he roared, bringing the pistol to bear on them. �Stop or I�ll shoot!�

      The one currently on the bottom levered a knee up and shoved hard, hurling the other one back into the front bumper of Jarvis�s car. They both rolled to their feet and stood some distance apart, rain soaking their long black hair and plastering it to their skulls.

      Jarvis leaned in and turned on his headlights, illuminating the pair. �Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!� he exclaimed. They were identical but for their weapons. Only one held a broad gleaming blade in her hand. Her twin was unarmed.

      He lifted his pistol and aimed it at the one holding the weapon. �Goddammit! Tacoma Police. Freeze!�

      This elicited a reaction. Both women turned their heads slowly, regarding him out of eyes like tiny lakes of liquid hate. �Until later, sister,� the one with the weapon said softly. She bent her legs and sprang upward, making the impossible leap to the roof of his car before launching herself to the top of the four story apartment building that loomed above.

      Jarvis stared up at the rooftop, mind and body suddenly numb. �What the hell?�

      �You let her get away,� the other woman growled. �Bad cop. No doughnut.�

      �What?� He shifted his weapon to cover her even as his eyes probed her shadowy form. She reached up and stripped the hair back from her face, revealing a much younger countenance than he�d somehow expected. This girl�for girl she was�couldn�t have been much more than sixteen or seventeen. The gray leotard thing hugged her lithe form like a second skin, marked only by a strange web-like design circling her wrists. �Don�t move!�

      �Oh, piss off,� she said, deflating slightly. �What are you going to do, shoot me?�

      �If I have to.�

      �You don�t have to.� She straightened. �Put your gun away, Detective. I�m no threat to you.�

      �Place your hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs,� he directed, circling back around the front fender. �Do it!�

      She sighed as she moved to comply. �This is so unnecessary. She�s the one you should be going after.�

      �I forgot to take my super-vitamins this morning,� he snarled back. �You�re the one who�s here, so you�re the one I�m arresting.�

      �That should tell you something. Tell me, Detective, what exactly are you arresting me for?�

      �Assault. For starters.�


      Book VI "Justice Breed" will feature a young man on whom the whole future of everything may depend.

      I have no text for this one yet.


      "Loki's Sin" is available now from the Wings ePress website.
      "Of Man and Monster" is scheduled for release in June of '06.
      "Freak City" is due out December of '06.
      "Lady of Blades" is in production at this moment, but it's likely to come out no later than Autumn of '07.
      "Deathweb" is still in the earliest stages of production.
      "Justice Breed" is still little more than a gleam in my eye.

      For those of you who enjoy urban fantasy, science fiction, or even epic fantasy, the Infinity: Earth Saga is not to be missed. As time goes on you'll be hearing more and more about this series. Start from the beginning and learn what the fuss is about.

      Saje Williams
      Author; "Loki's Sin," "Of Man and Monster," and "Freak City."
      Forthcoming from Wings ePress

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