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Re: A Stroke of Midnight

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  • Vaidah
    Matt, Yea, it s pretty horrid..but I tell myself the Galen moments are worth it. . I am sooo glutton for punishment. mouseymouseim, ... on ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2005

      Yea, it's pretty horrid..but I tell myself the Galen
      moments are worth it. >.> I am sooo glutton for


      > My taste for Laurell K. Hamiliton went away with
      > Obsidan Butterfly. I read Naricuss in chains then
      > tried her last book of that series and just had
      > trouble getting through it. In fact it is sitting
      > the shelf collecting dust.

      yea...Obsidian Butterfly was the last good book. I
      think I am in denial that they will be good again. I
      was completely disappointed with Incubus Dreams. At
      least Narcissus in Chains and gods..even Cerulean Sins
      had SOME semblence of a plot. Incubus Dreams was sex
      with a smattering of "OH SHIT, WE FORGOT ABOUT THE

      -_- 658 pages man.


      > I don't know what to think about LKH's books any
      > more. I loved her early Anita stuff, but since
      > Laurell got married, her writing has changed
      > dramatically. I had high hopes for her Merry
      > series, but it seems like she has a lot of story
      > that she wants to tell, and not enough pages to do
      > it in. Both of her series tend to get bogged down
      > in the characters instead of driving the plot. I
      > still enjoy her books, but for the erotic elements,
      > not the plot progression.

      I think it's also due to her hitting hard cover
      releases. I have a feeling the publisher told her to
      try and get more readers. I wonder if she knows she
      lost all her original fanbase.

      > The most disappointing part with Stroke of Midnight
      > for me was that it was less than 24 hours. Alot
      > happened, but the story still didn't really move. I
      > really enjoy the characters, but I have to wonder
      > when she will finally give the series a point. At
      > this point, how can Merry ever become pregnant if
      > these 3 books (the 2 that are out, and the upcoming
      > one) cover a one week span? It will take another 10
      > books to get her pregnant, and how will they know
      > who the father is if she is sleeping with all of
      > these men at once?

      I seriously thought they would make it to the Seelie
      court in this book. I was really disappointed when
      the entire book ended in a day. -_- SOOOO much
      happened, huge plot driving things..but the plot is,
      as you said, spread over too many books. And with her
      only releasing a book every other year...it's way too
      spread out. I read in an interview with her that
      Merry is going to be a closed ended series, unlike
      anita. So hopefully, gods hopefully, she has some
      sort of arc planned...


      <b>Jodie:</b> 2T ROCKED!!! Esp that thing with the things thinging the thing!!!! *bouncy spaz* Hot damn that was kewl!!

      <b>Leo:</b> Also, I ish the innocentsted and most sanestests person in the Shipper universe

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