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  • Matt
    James M. Doohan (search), the actor who played Scotty on the 60s Star Trek TV series, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease (search), his agent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
      James M. Doohan (search), the actor who played Scotty on
      the '60s "Star Trek" TV series, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's
      disease (search), his agent confirmed Tuesday.

      Doohan, 84, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's "within the last couple
      months," agent Steven Stevens told The Associated Press.

      He said Doohan is in the beginning stages of the disease, a
      progressive neurological disorder that afflicted former President
      Ronald Reagan, who died June 5.

      Doohan also has suffered for some time with Parkinson's disease
      (search), diabetes and fibrosis, the latter due to chemical exposure
      during World War II when he was a soldier in the Canadian military,
      Stevens said.

      He lives in Redmond, a suburb northeast of Seattle. A telephone
      number wasn't listed, and a call to his son, Chris Doohan, of
      California, wasn't immediately returned Tuesday.

      Stevens said he last saw Doohan in January in Los Angeles when the
      actor made a cameo appearance in the upcoming horror
      film "Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman."

      "He didn't have any energy and he seemed very frail. But as soon as
      they yelled `action,' he was the same old feisty Scotty," said
      Stevens, who has represented Doohan for 28 years.
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