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FIC: Leaving Sunnydale '99 (1/1) BtVS)

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  • Keith Collins
    A N: Please read my note at the end. Jan Jun 99 – Leavin Sunnydale Jan `99 Faith resisted the urge to shake her head as the three of them hurried through
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2004
      A\N: Please read my note at the end.

      Jan\Jun '99 – Leavin' Sunnydale

      Jan `99

      Faith resisted the urge to shake her head as the three of them
      hurried through the town's hushed and darkened streets. If she and
      B didn't have enough problems trying to rescue G and Wussley from
      Balthazar, Harris had to tag along.

      Fuck, ever since they'd screwed he'd been following her around like
      a whipped puppy. Like it actually meant something. Hadn't her
      throwing him out straight after the `great' event been proof of
      that? "Shouldn't have shit in your own sand-pit girl," she
      muttered. Next time she got an itch, she'd have to pick up a boy-
      toy she didn't know. She chuckled to herself, well at least that
      let out the Wuss – not that he'd ever have got near her.

      Not, she smiled unwillingly, that it hadn't been nice. She was used
      to guys telling her she was a `hot lay' or when they'd finished
      telling her to grab them a beer. Xander though, he'd been
      different. After what had been soft and gentle instead of her usual
      frenzied style, he'd looked at her with a sort of amazed affection
      like it had really meant something. Stupid bastard, didn't he
      realise fucking was just -.

      Suddenly vampires were all over them. A grin on her face, she
      joined B in mowing through the bastards. Then B let out a
      scream. "Faith, incoming!" Out of the corner of her eye, she saw
      her blonde counterpart throw a shape towards her. Her stake came up.

      And then a body barrelled between her and her target knocking her
      off balance and catching her shot in his shoulder, causing blood to
      spurt out of the wound. Faith's eyes widened. "Damn it Xander!
      What the fuck ya -." Her voice trailed off as she realised her
      original target wasn't a vampire at all but a living breathing human
      that she'd have killed but for Xander's interference.

      As comprehension began to set in, she started to shake. God, she'd
      nearly killed a human, become a murderer, no better than a vamp.
      Suddenly she felt an arm around her shoulders, looking up she saw
      Xander with his good arm around her. She paled as her eyes were
      drawn to the ugly gash on his opposite shoulder. "Hey don't worry
      about it. I knew the risk when I dived in, I stopped you from
      killing," the male Scooby glared at the man climbing to his
      feet. "This idiot. That's the important thing."

      Suddenly Xander winced. "Fuck Xan, you five by five?" Faith asked,
      her voice trembling.

      "It's nothing major, but I'll best go home. I'll drop this fool off
      on the way."

      "Wait!" As the idiot babbled something about working for the Mayor,
      Faith stared open-mouthed at Xander. She'd treated him like shit but
      he'd still cared enough to risk his life to save her from a terrible
      mistake. Maybe he was different from all the other guys she'd
      known. Maybe she should ask him for another chance.

      Finally the deputy mayor finished talking. Xander nodded. "See you
      guys later."

      Faith watched as Xander dragged the older man away, still awed by
      what the male Scooby had done for her just minutes ago. A strong
      hand grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her round to face an angry
      looking B. "You stupid bitch! You hurt Xander and -."

      The blonde's voice trailed off when she caught the open-handed slap
      swinging towards her cheek. "Not gonna happen B," Faith shook her
      head for emphasis. "Xman's got the right to take it up with me,"
      she knew he wouldn't Xan didn't blame people otherwise he'd have
      kicked B and Red to the kerb months ago. "But in case you've
      forgotten B, you threw that asshole to me. You might be able to
      sidestep the blame for all the shit Angelus did last year but I've
      realised something. I've tried to play nice but I don't need your
      friendship anymore, but I will have your respect." Faith stepped
      towards the shorter Slayer, backing her off. "Even if I have to
      beat it out of you." She turned away from the blonde and towards a
      retreating Xander. "Wait here."

      * *

      "X! Wait up!"

      The youth turned towards her, his expression questioning. "Faith?"

      Suddenly Faith's resolve to ask Xander out crumbled. After the way
      she'd treated him, why would he be interested? "I just-, I never
      said thanks for stopping me killing him," she tore her gaze away
      from her fellow youth's bruised shoulder and to his eyes. "So,
      thanks. And," she swallowed. "You know how you said we should go
      for a pizza sometime? I'd like that. Just as buds," she added
      hurriedly as her nerve failed again.

      "Yeah," Xander grinned. "I'd like that."

      * *

      Faith grinned as she dropped her stakes into the open drawer and
      looked around her dingy hotel room. For the first time in a long
      while the leering hotel manager didn't seem quite lecherous, the
      noise from the whore servicing her clientele in the next room quite
      so loud, or her lumpy mattress quite as uncomfortable.

      Why? Because she had a friend. And maybe, her heart warmed at the
      hopeful thought, maybe something more.

      * *

      Jun `99

      Xander stepped backwards and sighed. He'd already put some stuff in
      the car but even so, the two duffle bags he'd just flung onto his
      bed were pathetically meagre reward for eighteen years of life.
      Grabbing the bags he let out a yell. "Mom! Dad! I'm going!"
      Xander waited for a second. His eyes misted over when, as expected,
      his farewell was met by silent indifference.

      Slamming the door behind him, he hurried for his car, Uncle Rory
      having given him his beaten up Dodge Charger as a going away
      present, ruminating on his decision to leave Sunnydale for good.
      Originally he'd only planned to leave for the summer but events over
      the past years had caused a rift to form between him and the others.

      First there'd been Buffy's running away and then returning,
      seemingly expecting them to fall on their knees and collectively
      thank her for returning. Then concealing Angel's return. The way
      she'd pushed him out of patrolling, the only thing that made him
      useful, different from his worthless folks. And the only thing he
      was to blame for – cheating on Cordy. Not only had he hurt a really
      great girl for no good reason, he'd also wrecked his oldest

      Saying his good-byes had only strengthened his resolve to leave.
      Buffy had been more distracted with the `terrible tragedy' of her
      demon lover leaving. Willow on the other had been pleased to see
      him go, desperate to do whatever it took to save her crumbling
      relationship with Oz. Cordy, Xander grimaced, well he hadn't had
      the nerve for the goodbye.

      The only one he was really going to miss was Faith. After the
      incident with Finch, the raven-haired Slayer had started to let him
      in, begun to trust him. And as he expected he'd found a kindred
      spirit, someone with the same shitty sort of home life, sense of
      humour, and outlook on life. As they'd grown closer he'd noticed
      but discarded the jealous looks both Buffy and Willow gave him.
      Well, they'd decided his friendship was unimportant, they couldn't
      have it both ways.

      He'd even asked the Bostonian if she wanted to accompany him,
      strictly no strings attached, but his bud had declined, saying she'd
      love too but couldn't leave her sacred duty. He understood but he
      was going to miss her like hell.


      He turned to see Giles stood under the tree at the corner of the
      road. "G-Man."

      The Watcher half-smiled before starting towards him. "I never
      thought I'd be sorry not to be hearing that name again." The former
      Sunnydale High librarian turned serious. "Are you sure about this?"

      "About leaving?" Xander shrugged. "Not really, but it's not like
      I've anything to stay for. No home, friends aren't interested, and
      nothing but low-level employment beckons. I'd rather be anywhere,"
      he glanced around. "But here."

      The bespectacled Englishman sighed and nodded. "In that case,"
      Giles passed him a thick envelope.

      Xander's eyes widened as he looked inside the envelope. "There's
      nine thousand bucks here!"

      The Watcher shrugged. "Call it long over-due payment for your
      assistance over the last three years."

      "T…thanks," Xander stuttered. With the money he'd saved from his
      summer jobs he had over ten thousand dollars, more than enough to
      keep him going for a few months at least.

      "Think nothing of it son." His surrogate father reached out to
      shake his hand but Xander ignored the gesture, choosing instead to
      engulf the Englishman in a hug. "I'm going to miss you," the
      Watcher whispered.

      "And you," Xander admitted before pulling away.

      "Yes quite," the Englishman struggled to regain his poise. "Now
      remember, just because you're not in Sunnydale doesn't mean you
      shouldn't take precautions. Particularly," a smile tugged at the
      former dark mage's lips. "Considering your propensity for
      attracting unsuitable paramours. "

      Xander winced at the reminder of his romantic misadventures. "I
      will. And thanks."

      Giles smiled. "My pleasure. And stay in touch."

      * *

      Xander whistled to himself as he jumped in his car and began
      fiddling with his radio dial. He smiled in satisfaction as he
      discovered Johnny Cash singing `Get Rhythm'. "Ah," he smiled to
      himself. "An oldie but a goldie."

      "Fuck Xan," a highly disgusted voice commented from behind him. "No
      way am I travelling with you if I've gotta listen to that shit!"

      A beaming smile illuminating his face, Xander looked behind him to
      see a smirking Faith wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes and a halter top
      stood by the trunk, a knapsack slung over one shoulder and a thumb
      held out as if hitching a ride. "You want to come?"

      A rare uncertainty entered the brunette's luminous brown
      eyes. "Offer's still open right?"
      "Offer's still open," he confirmed. "But I thought-."

      "That I wasn't interested?" the east coast native shook her head,
      raven tresses dancing at the movement. "Nah. I figured if B or Red
      found out I was leaving they'd rat me out to the Wuss and then I'd
      be dead meat." The Bostonian snorted in disgust. "Like I'd wanna
      stay here without my best bud for those two snooty bitches to sneer
      at me. Ten months I'm eighteen, no-way am I staying around for
      that. Besides, there's demons in other places `sides Sunnyd." His
      friend reached into her rucksack and threw him a thick
      envelope. "Twenty K to our travelling fund. We're gonna live

      "Twenty K?" Xander's eyes widened as a troubling thought
      occurred. "How did-."

      "I get the cash?" Faith finished his question for him. "Fuck Xan, I
      know I get around but I've too much self-respect for that. How do
      you think I financed my trip from Boston to Sunnyd? By stripping or
      whoring, or with a rich sugar daddy?" Faith shook her head
      again. "You have gotta be shittin' me. Nah, I'd hit a vamp den,
      wipe out its occupants and take their cash. Been doing it since I
      hit Sunnydale to pay for my room, food, and shit."

      "Faith, that's dangerous!"

      His friend shrugged before throwing her army knapsack onto the
      backseat before lithely vaulting into the passenger
      seat. "Newsflash Xan, being a Slayer is dangerous," the Bostonian's
      sensual mouth twisted in disgust. "Shit, it wasn't like B was any
      sort of decent back-up, always taking the night off to be with Fang,
      leaving the stand-in to do the scut work. So," the brunette forced
      a smile. "Where we off to first?"

      "Faith," Xander grinned. "The open road's our friend."

      Faith chuckled. "Sunnydale quips, you've gotta love `em."

      * *

      "Mr. Travers, there's a call from Mr. Whyndham-Pryce on the other

      Travers raised a bushy eyebrow. Young Pryce's monthly report wasn't
      due for a week yet. Either Faith or, more likely, the Summers bint
      given the fact there had been no reports of a new Slayer being
      called, had died. Excellent, Travers smiled slightly at the thought
      of freezing that arrogant bugger Rupert Giles out before picking up
      the phone. "Wesley! Good news I trust!" his smile evaporated at
      his countryman's bumbling reply. "You've lost your bloody Slayer?
      You blithering idiot!" he roared, spittle cloaking the phone hand-
      set. "You're fired!"

      After slamming the phone down he fumed for a few seconds – one
      Slayer wilfully disobeying the Council and the other a bloody
      runaway! This was an unheard of situation, and under his
      stewardship to boot. Suddenly his smile returned. Although given
      Faith's past and her reputation for wildness there were perhaps
      advantages – that low-class trollop demeaned her Calling. Picking
      the phone back up he dialled the outer office extension. "Mrs
      Reynolds, put me through to the Council Executive Action team."

      * *

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