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Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Top 20

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  • shipwreckmazuma
    This was easy! 1)Corwin & Eric of Zelazny s Amber 2)Marshall Tolonan in Wingrove s Chung Kuo series 3)King Arthur, especially in Kay s Fionovar Tapestry
    Message 1 of 11 , May 7, 2002
      This was easy!

      1)Corwin & Eric of Zelazny's Amber

      2)Marshall Tolonan in Wingrove's Chung Kuo series

      3)King Arthur, especially in Kay's Fionovar Tapestry series. I've
      loved Arthur ever sinse I can remember. He and Robin Hood were my
      heroes growing up. (Along with Jaquomo in the "Court Jester"!)

      4)Severian the Torturer - Wolfe, of course

      5) Bilbo & Theoden Bilbo has always been an 'everyman' to me. My
      mother turned me on to The Hobbit when the Rankin Bass cartoon hit
      the air the first time. I don't even remember how young I was; but
      that's what started it all for me. Theoden - there's something vastly
      mythic about him for me. He seems truly sad, tragic and heroic to me.

      6)Rincewind - definately!

      7) Martin Silenus (I love to hate this guy!) from Simmon's Hyperion

      The 3 'Old Ones':


      9)John Carter of Mars

      10)Solomon Kane

      11)Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser - the All-Fathers of Fantasy

      12)The Hound from Martin's 'Thrones' trilogy

      13)Ged - Ursula LeGuin is a true Grand Master

      14)Thomas Covenant - I'll tell ya, when I read these books as a 13
      year old, I hated them. I went back for a re-read at 21 and was blown
      away! I read them again just last year, and am thouroughly convinced
      that The Chronicles of the Unbeliever are easily in my top 5 stories.

      15) Angus Thermopyle - Another of Donaldson's characters, this from
      his 'Gap Cycle' quintet. This guy is horrible in almost every sense,
      but - God, is he done well!

      16)Croaker from Cook's original 3 Black Company stories

      17)Vlad Taltos - Steven Brust is one of my top 5 favorite writers of

      18)Khaavren - another of Brust's characters

      19)Lythande the Star Browed of the Thieve's World series

      20)Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh!! Brian Daley wrote 3 stories
      with these two. They are definitely the Fafhrd & G. Mouser of the
      spaceways! (Maybe with a bit less prowess though...)
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