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New ezine: Orion's Child Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine

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  • Mark McCormick
    As a contributing writer, I m trying to drum up interest and awareness in a new ezine, Orion s Child Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. This magazine
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      As a contributing writer, I'm trying to drum up interest and awareness in a new ezine, Orion's Child Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. This magazine originally published two paper editions in 1984 under the editorship of T. Joseph Cole. It featured original stories, poetry, and art and included works by such prominent writers as Ray Bradbury. Now, Orion's Child has been resurrected as an ezine by Gabriel M. Cole, the son of the original founder and editor, himself the co-author of the upcoming novel "Bloodmoon", to be released in October. This "second volume" of Orion's Child first appeared in May of 2007 with issues recurring monthly. See


      The upcoming October issue will focus on vampires. My story "Blood and Oranges" will appear in this issue backed by custom artwork by Ariana Baer of DarkePhazeGraphix.net who has done the recent cover art at Orion's Child. This story is already posted on my blog (yes, Gabriel is willing to publish a story
      already posted on my blog!!) at


      Gabriel, is continually seeking contributions of fiction, poetry, and art, but the ezine cannot offer payment at this time. Hopefully, that will be possible in the near future. You can contact Gabriel at


      Additionally, the ezine has a group of volunteers, called Orion's Children, helping to get the ezine up on its feet (and paying to contributors). If, like me, you're excited about bringing a new face to Science Fiction and Fantasy, send Gabriel and email. We can use all the help we can get.

      Thanks very much

      Mark McCormick

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