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  • mouseymouseim
    My hubsband gave me the idea for the story. By leaving a screwdriver on the bathroom floor after repairing the toliet. Then he read it and told me that is was
    Message 1 of 3 , May 16 10:28 PM
      My hubsband gave me the idea for the story. By leaving a screwdriver
      on the bathroom floor after repairing the toliet. Then he read it
      and told me that is was a good start. He hardly ever says bad
      things about the style until I am done with a story and then he
      points out the spelling and other errors. Then there are the times
      he does say, I don't think that is going to work.

      I might be able to continue it soon.

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, "Yvette"
      <yvette_n_chad@...> wrote:
      > Wow... Interesting Marcie! Was he dreaming the first part about
      > Mom's hand and his brother? You might have to continue the
      > story... :)
      > --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, "mouseymouseim"
      > <mouseymouseim@> wrote:
      > >
      > > He looked down into the cotton lined box at the beautiful well
      > cared
      > > for left hand of his mother. He wondered what her thoughts
      > > when it was cut off, and why she had to die so violently. The
      > hand
      > > looked like it was just recently removed from a freezer package
      > a
      > > dry ice freezer; it showed no signs of any age other then the
      > of
      > > forty when it was removed, for his mother had been gone for
      > > five years. As he took a step closer he felt a tug at his chest
      > and
      > > legs. He looked down and saw that he was being tied up by the
      > > person he trusted all his life, his step-brother and a very
      > > black tail.
      > >
      > > "Why are you doing this? And what is with the tail?"
      > >
      > > "Meet my friend, Shane. Watch out he can get a little testy,
      > > especially when he is drinking. Plus, he has such a hot
      > I
      > > hate to see you burned before I have all my fun."
      > >
      > > "Ok, so I ask again, why are you doing this? How did you get
      > > hand?"
      > >
      > > "Because I can, your brother and you had no idea how much it
      > me
      > > to see her go thru this everyday? She worked at a greasy spoon
      > when
      > > he left us in the dust, never to return. Did you see what it
      > > doing to her pretty hands?"
      > >
      > > "Her hands?"
      > >
      > > "You have no idea how badly she tried to keep us all afloat
      > he
      > > left. She cried at night and then her hands began to get
      > useless.
      > > I saw her drop plates and food when her hands would quit
      > I
      > > hated it.
      > >
      > > "So what you cut them off or just killed her?"
      > >
      > > "Yeah, I guess you could say I did? Do you want to know how,
      > I
      > > have a bigger secret for you now. One you would ever forget as
      > long
      > > as you live."
      > >
      > > "What are you talking about?"
      > >
      > > "At this precise moment, your brother is dying the way your
      > > did all those years ago when I killed mom. She was in the
      > > washing up and I made him watch as I tortured her and killed
      > > Right now your brother is suffered the same fate with his pretty
      > > wife."
      > >
      > > "Can I ask why?"
      > >
      > > "He figured it out. He knew what happened or thought he knew
      > > happened those years ago. Maybe it was those damn nightmares of
      > his
      > > again that m was telling me about."
      > >
      > > "So you are killing them slowly or fast just because he
      > > what happened twenty five years ago?"
      > >
      > > "Oh, yeah! And your next, see. You remembered too, you snotty
      > > little brat. Well, I have to go and finish off your brother and
      > his
      > > wife, sleep well."
      > >
      > > "Sleep well, hell, let me out of this." He started kicking but
      > > no avail. The tail would not let go. Then he felt it a tiny
      > on
      > > the back of his nick and then he was out cold.
      > >
      > > He woke up later staring at the floor and a screwdriver that was
      > > under the sink on the floor. Was it real or was it all in his
      > > head. He felt his arms and legs and realized he could move
      > > He moved towards the door but found he was still attached to
      > Shane.
      > >
      > > He turned his head around expecting just a guy with a rubber
      > > on, but what he saw was worse. What looked like something out
      > > fairy tails was sitting down on his bathroom floor looking
      > > He was bright red in the face and the scales turned various
      > > of green and blue when he breathed. A real live dragon was
      > > in his house. He tried to move agian, hoping that the dragon was
      > > asleep. He made it three steps before the fire ball came out
      > > behind him.
      > >
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