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A universe so large you might get lost

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  • Saje
    Well, the reviews for Sword and Shadow are coming in one after another, and the reviewers all seem to agree--S&S is a winner! from Kathy Samuels @ Romance at
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2007
      Well, the reviews for Sword and Shadow are coming in one after another, and the reviewers all seem to agree--S&S is a winner!

      from Kathy Samuels @ Romance at Heart
      "An enjoyable tale with enough action, adventure, and romance to satisfy the soul, pick up your copy of SWORD AND SHADOW today."

      from Cherokee Sanders @ Coffee Time Romance
      "Saje Williams creates a stirring read that kept this reader glued from the first page to the last. He allows the reader to feel a part of the action of this amazing adventure."

      I know there are a few more reviews waiting in the wings, but these are just the ones I can share right now.

      But there's MORE!

      "Freak City," the third novel in my original Infinity: Earth series, is also getting some great press.

      from Kelley Hartsell @ CK2 Kwips and Kritiques
      "Saje Williams has written yet another compelling and complex story in Freak City. The world-building is vast and brilliantly done and the variety of characters is immense. There are multiple adventures all unfolding at once, which twist and turn around each other to provide a very vivid fantasy. "

      And then there's the second book in the series, Of Man and Monster

      from Dawn @ Loveromances and More
      "Each page is like a painting come to life..." "With the fast pace, this reviewer was hard pressed not to scream and shout as the heart-pounding ride felt like a roller coaster that wasn't going to stop! With each page, Mr. Williams will capture the readers' imagination and deliver them to the brink and back with every word!"

      From Linda L @ Fallen Angel Reviews
      "This sequel to Loki's Sin carries the reader into a wonderful tale of mystery and suspense that gets better with each turn of the page..." Saje Williams generates a riveting tale of action and non-stop exhilaration that engages the reader until the dramatic conclusion..."

      And we can't forget about Loki's Sin, the novel that started it all, that netted both the Loveromances Staff Pick and Rising Star awards.

      From Kelley Hartsell, back when she was with Loveromances.com

      "What a fabulous debut novel! Saje Williams has written a story that is extremely unique and guaranteed to hook readers."
      "This book has it all - a very well developed plot, compelling characters, a whole assortment of monsters and superheroes, and even a little bit of romance thrown in."

      From Michelle @ Fallen Angel Reviews
      "Holy alternate reality, Batman! Loki's Sin creates an Earth not unlike ours, but infinitely more dangerous and chocked to the brim with peril. Saje Williams pens this take on the origins of the Greek gods and goddesses, and brings the strife and struggle to modern day."


      Filled with futuristic fantasy, adventure, and romance, the Infinity: Project novels outline a world in which vampires, lycanthropes, faeries, magic, science, and the Old Gods all exist in tandem, where twists and turns and leaps of imagination take you places where you've never thought to go.

      You've never read books like these. The Infinity Project challenges all the rules, bends the genres into unrecognizable shapes, and delivers great stories with characters you will never forget, like Loki, Athena, Cory Flynn, Ben Dalmas, Amanda Keening, Jasmine Tashae, Nyx Deathweb, Morrigan, and a whole host of others.

      Nearly every reviewer who's read one of the Infinity novels has awaited the next offering with frazzled anticipation.

      If you haven't yet caught the ride, do it now... Join the growing ranks of those who just can't get enough.

      You won't be sorry...

      Check it out at http://www.sajewilliams.com

      But buckle up and pack a lunch. You're going to find it hard to find your way home again.

      Saje Williams
      Monsters are People too
      The Infinity Project

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