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9686[Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Re: Lost

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  • adamfawer9
    Mar 2, 2005
      Although I like watching the show, I don't think J.J. knows where it's
      going. It's already suffering from the same problem as Alias -- lots
      of twists and turns, but ultimately no resolution.

      Buffy/Angel were so much better in that Joss had the arc of the whole
      season planned out BEFORE they wrote the first episode. In Lost, this
      is definitely not the case. Weird things happen and then disappear.
      What happened to the monster in the woods? It was all over Ep 1 and
      then poof, gone w/o ever a mention.

      I'll still watch, but I don't think they know where they're going.

      - Adam

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, Vaidah <alorarose@y...>
      > Holy crap dude..
      > and yea. I heard there was gonna be lots of extra
      > goodies on the dvds. soooooo cannot wait.
      > > What's the deal with Boone's sister and the Sayid?
      > "the Sayid?" I think they're cute together.
      > > Is the thing a thing or actually a thing, in which
      > > case it's not a thing like the thing we thought it
      > > was?
      > ....
      > > Did us having to wait for two months to find out
      > > about what happened to Claire seem totally
      > > anti-climatic? Who was Ethan anyway and why was he
      > > such a friggin' psycho?
      > Yea. I felt kinda disappointed in that and how it was
      > handled. But I trust in J.J. to explain it.
      > > Is there any credence to the notion that the little
      > > kid with the weird powers caused them to crash
      > > because he can make things happen by thinking about
      > > it?
      > That's what my friends and I were thinking. And it
      > was Walt who was thinking about the polar bears.
      > > What happens when the rainy season comes and they
      > > get hit with typhoons and gusting winds for 3
      > > months?
      > Then they move to the caves. LOL
      > Kaeolin
      > > Speaking of Hurley. Did anyone else notice Hurley
      > > on t.v. during Jin's flashbacks?
      > ::goes to go rewind my tape and see::
      > woah. I didn't notice that before...
      > =====
      > <b>Jodie:</b> 2T ROCKED!!! Esp that thing with the things thinging
      the thing!!!! *bouncy spaz* Hot damn that was kewl!!
      > <b>Leo:</b> Also, I ish the innocentsted and most sanestests person
      in the Shipper universe
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