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9684Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Re: Lost

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  • Vaidah
    Mar 1, 2005
      Holy crap dude..

      and yea. I heard there was gonna be lots of extra
      goodies on the dvds. soooooo cannot wait.

      > What's the deal with Boone's sister and the Sayid?

      "the Sayid?" I think they're cute together.

      > Is the thing a thing or actually a thing, in which
      > case it's not a thing like the thing we thought it
      > was?


      > Did us having to wait for two months to find out
      > about what happened to Claire seem totally
      > anti-climatic? Who was Ethan anyway and why was he
      > such a friggin' psycho?

      Yea. I felt kinda disappointed in that and how it was
      handled. But I trust in J.J. to explain it.

      > Is there any credence to the notion that the little
      > kid with the weird powers caused them to crash
      > because he can make things happen by thinking about
      > it?

      That's what my friends and I were thinking. And it
      was Walt who was thinking about the polar bears.

      > What happens when the rainy season comes and they
      > get hit with typhoons and gusting winds for 3
      > months?

      Then they move to the caves. LOL


      > Speaking of Hurley. Did anyone else notice Hurley
      > on t.v. during Jin's flashbacks?

      ::goes to go rewind my tape and see::
      woah. I didn't notice that before...

      <b>Jodie:</b> 2T ROCKED!!! Esp that thing with the things thinging the thing!!!! *bouncy spaz* Hot damn that was kewl!!

      <b>Leo:</b> Also, I ish the innocentsted and most sanestests person in the Shipper universe

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