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9160Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Digest Number 266

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  • Matt
    Mar 2, 2004
      If you'll notice, i mentioned King and Vonnegut as exceptions to the
      rule; they can pretty much write whatever they feel like writing and
      not be worried about how it is perceived. The Eyes of the Dragon and
      the Green Mile being great examples. Even his book on writing was a
      best seller.

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, MystklDrgn@a... wrote:
      > >But once they start writing for the masses, they get typecast and
      > pidgeon holed and can't craft their magnum opus and if they do, it
      > given short thrift and not lauded, because they are straying away
      > from what made them successful, not what they necessarily feel they
      > have in them. That's the problem. It's a double edged sword, stray
      > but a little and you get your quill and ink lopped off but good.
      > <<
      > no I disagree, - if they are truly a good writer, no matter what
      the typecast
      > - they will write a good book. I hate to keep bringing him up, but
      > King woudl be a good example :).
      > He was most certainly type cast, and for good reason - by doing
      pure, if
      > highly entertaining and goodly written - horror. But in the last
      15 years or so
      > he has somehwat moved away from that, and not concentrated on it -
      and what is
      > agurably his magnum opus, what will truly put him in the halls of
      > literature of our time, even though he was kinda already there :) -
      isn't at all
      > horror related - but fantasy/scifi :) (Dark Tower Series...).
      > He continues to write horror, but also non-horror -of which most is
      > written and well received by his die hard, and new fans alike.
      > If you are good with what you do, then you are good. If pepole
      like your
      > style, then they like your style no matter what the story - at
      least like it
      > enough to work through some of the "not so great ideas" and wait
      around till
      > you write that kickbutt one :).
      > Although King insists, "Its the tale, not he who tells it" I have
      to greatly
      > disagree - as the writer's style and voice can make an OK tale into
      an awsome
      > tale. You have to have a good story to begin with - but a fabulous
      writer can
      > take an OK story and make it fabulous.
      > Otherwise we'd not have half the successfuly fantasy authors we doi
      > because the stories are mostly pretty similiar - wehn you look at
      the basics.
      > Mystkldrgn
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