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  • Matt
    Oct 2, 2003
      Is is just me or does Tor's website just suck big time? It hasn't
      been updated in months. The publishing schedule runs through August
      of 2003.

      Reading the site, they say a couple of editors fiddle with the site
      from time to time; they don't have a profesional do it. Have they
      ever heard of outsourcing? It would cost about $1200 a month to just
      have someone keep it updated and make it more streamlined. Baen's
      website is much better and it's owned by Tor, partially. Go figure.
      You would think, since Tor has obviously replaced Del Rey as the
      biggest genre imprint, that they would have some cash to spare,
      especially being a private entity. At least Del Rey updates their
      site every month.