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8475All Quiet on the Western Front...

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  • dragonkatprincess
    Jun 2, 2002
      It was a bit peaceful on this here listy, so I thought I'd pop in and
      make some noise!

      I just read the latest (in Oz *sigh*) Anita Blake and found it a bit
      slower than the others. Firstly, I think it misses the active
      presence of Jean Claude and Richard (although seeing so much of
      Edward was nice), but the story itself was probably a bit too long.
      Somewhat like the fourth Harry Potter - could have been told better
      in half the space!

      What else have I been reading. Not much in the genre really,
      although I've been wading through lots of slush for ASIM (my magazine
      which launches in exactly one week! Woohoo!). Some of which is
      great, but unfortunately not quite right for our market. Anyone out
      there got anything light in the fantasy/sci fi genre? I'm hanging
      out to read something fun!

      Ooh, and I'm getting a story critiqued at Convergence next week! One
      of only five persons, to be done by a professional panel! I'm very

      Anyway, there's probably not much there to start conversation, but I

      Oh, here's a flash fiction if anyone wants to play (seeing as Matt
      has been so darn quiet!). Try "CATS" (just cos I like 'em!)

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