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  • stannicholls
    Aug 1, 2001
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      For those who haven't heard, this rather sad
      message was circulated today by Greg Bear, Poul
      Anderson's son-in-law. (I haven't included the photos he
      mentions.)<br><br>Stan<br><br>>>>>><br><br>Friends,<br><br>Poul Anderson passed away last night, July 31-August
      1, around midnight. During the afternoon, he
      received hundreds of emails and messages from<br>friends
      and readers and fellow writers, which Astrid and
      Karen printed out and read to him. He died knowing (and
      how!) that he was loved and valued, and hearing how
      much his work had entertained and moved so many.
      Though he<br>was weak at the end, there was no loss of
      mental capacity, and my last conversation with him was
      slow but sparkling with the curiosity
      and<br>deep-seated gentlemanliness that Poul always had, and which
      was, I think, built into his whole body and
      being.<br><br>He is survived by his wife and writing partner,
      Karen, his daughter Astrid, brother John, grandchildren
      Erik and Alexandra, nieces Janet and Cathy, and by
      millions of readers.<br><br>There will be a memorial,
      probably this Saturday, in the Bay Area, details not yet
      worked out; I will send them later. I hope no one minds
      my inserting two of my favorite photographs of Poul,
      one of him as a child with his mother, Astrid, and
      one of Poul and Karen, visiting our house and reading
      an essay written by Erik, with obvious delight. This
      is the Poul I will remember. And on our shelves,
      many dozens of books, waiting to be re-read, and some
      more waiting to be
      published.<br><br>Bravo!<br><br>Greg Bear<br><br><<<<<
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