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  • henryhenwy
    Sep 1, 2000
      Either I'm getting more picky in my old age or it
      seems that the quality of fantasy literature is
      starting to decay a bit. It just appears lately that all
      the major authors are backsliding and when you think
      about the _best_ fantasy series written, fewer and
      fewer are currently ongoing. Let me give some
      examples:<br><br>Jordan. His WoT can be given credit for reviving the
      fantasy epic, spawning god knows how many other authors
      and novels by showing publishers it could be
      profitable and not simply niche driven. The problem is that
      the last two books by him have just stank, quite
      frankly. I've remarked many times that I feel sort of
      guilty that trees had to die to produce either, and that
      I contributed to the massacre. Hope springs eternal
      in the minds of jordanites however, and I can't
      begin to tell you the number of times I've heard that
      the next one will be the one we've been waiting for
      to get the story back on track. If you think about
      it however, he's taken at least twice as long for
      the past two books as he's ever spent, and the
      quality drops instead of improving. That alone worries me
      quite a deal.<br><br>Goodkind. While I liked faith of
      the fallen quite a bit, his recent offerings in the
      sword of truth series have also been on a downward
      spiral which started ever since blood of the fold
      IMO.<br><br>Lackey. I loved the last herald mage series, and thought
      it was one of the best pieces of fantasy I had ever
      read overall. Compare that to the owlflight series in
      valdemar she's working on now, or even the mage storm or
      winds of fate series. It just seems like in each
      successive series the characters become more vague and
      juvenile and the plot is more transparent and
      empty.<br><br>McCaffrey. Ditto here. I haven't seen anything good come out
      of mccaffrey since all the weirs of pern or the
      crystal singer. Most of the novels she's been currently
      working on (acorna, the tower and the hive, etc) seems to
      suffer from the same problem I see in lackey's work.
      Trite, empty, and unsatisfying.<br><br>I could go on,
      but I really think that I've hit a rut. I can't
      remember the last time that I finished a fantasy trilogy
      and was blown away at the writing or even mesmorized
      by the characters. Instead I finish the series and
      there's only a faint disgust that I purchased the books
      and a sense of despair that I'll find anything
      better.<br><br>Oh well. I've still got a stack of around a dozen
      books I wanted to get around to reading. I think I'll
      start with pullman's golden compass since it's received
      so much acclaim. I can only hope that I somehow
      manage again to find the magic that brought me to
      fantasy in the first place.
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