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  • picabo_yve_2005
    Jan 1, 2010
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      I do understand your point Noelle and yes as I teenager I read Tolkein, and Austen... so from that perspective not all teenagers prefer simple plot lines. No offense meant at all by my post just a more lighthearted appreciation for a storyline I enjoyed that may not have the depth of Tolkien. I just didn't find them bland. The teenage years I think of are 13-16. 17 and beyond do lend to more adult literature. But then again, I haven't been a teenager for years...

      I am not averse to honest criticism of writing.I think your criticism of Twilight was honest and appropriate. I hated WOT, the characters were all very shallow, especially the females... I used to rip it to shreds, you may remember that back in the earlier days of this dungeon.. :)

      I too loved the Belgariad and Mallorean series... when I was done I felt that I had said goodbye to dear friends.

      We all like what we like and I was simply saying that those who do enjoy the twilight series, may be looking for something different than your take on the books.

      I am so serious in my life as a nurse and a member of the military. Sometimes light reading is nice to have a quick escape, especially when I have very little time to myself. I read twilight in one day. I could never read some of the heartier books I love in one day. It was also refreshing for something different.
      Again sorry if I offended .. was not meant as a slight on you or your opinion in any way. :)

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, Noelle Hay <swampfaye@...> wrote:
      > " Teenagers do not have the where with all for deep long character development"
      > Politely must take issue with this. Just because they have books like Twilight doesn't mean the characters don't have to be developed... even Harry Potter had more development, and juvenile fiction is notoriously difficult to break into precisely because your characters have to be compelling but your writing clear. Most teenagers I know are reading WOT or HP or some other 'adult' series, even the tweens. And you are not compelled to read books in High school that have 'underdeveloped' characters. Lets not confuse bland characters for adult characters.
      > I read Belgariad, Elric and Dragonlance when I was a teenager. Curious to know what you read. None of what I read was targeted at 'teenagers' - and I don't think the juvenile market does teenagers any favors.
      > noelle
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