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11412Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Today's blog about ebook piracy

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  • jcherper
    Jan 3, 2009
      Until there is an e-book reader that is actually convenient and
      reasonable to use (Kindle is close, but who will pay $300.00?) e-books
      are going to be a fringe market. Right now I have a number of e-books
      (most tech books come with a PDF version) but I don't use the e-book.
      Too much of a pain to make notes, or study with. I might print out a
      chapter or two, if I am going somewhere and don't want the whole book,
      but otherwise it sits in the sleeve.

      As for music, the RIAA is losing the battle. Wal-mart.com, Amazon.com
      and others (even iTunes on a limited basis) are no longer selling DRM
      mp3s. The mp3s you get from them have no rights management. You can
      put them on any number of devices or burn them to your hearts content,
      there are no limits, unlike iTunes which limits you to a set number (5
      I believe) of usages. The non-DRM sales are surpassing the DRM sales.
      People want to do what they want with things they buy.

      Educating people is never going to work as long as people believe they
      have the right to the product they bought. Microsoft found out that
      people don't like intrusive activation, the public outcry made them
      change how Windows Vista activates. The music industry is finding out
      that same lesson.

      Publishing is still not there and may not get there as actual printing
      will not go away too soon. E-books are not going to make large
      printing houses go away from still offering the book in actual paper.
      The profit to cost is still great enough to warrant printing of books.
      It is for the small publishing houses, those are the ones that can't
      make a go in the industry any more.

      Will the loss of these small publishers impact most readers? Probably
      not. I don't know the last time that I bought something that I could
      not find at Costco or Borders/Barnes and Noble.

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Chapman"
      <MarkTerenceChapman@...> wrote:
      > >>>>If you don't want to see your hard work end up on the internet
      for free
      > you need to avoid the whole method of publishing.
      > I suppose your advice to musicians is not to record music, because
      > pirate CDs. And DVDs, and software, and video games.
      > eBooks aren't going away. On the contrary. Eventually, there won't
      be any
      > more printed books. They'll be too costly, and ebooks are just too
      > convenient. (An entire library can fit inside one ebook reader. You
      > get more convenient than that.)
      > The best solution is to educate the consumer, so that they don't think
      > sharing ebooks (or CDs, DVDs, etc.) with the world is okay and harmless.
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