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11236[Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Re: Authors are invited to post?

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  • jcherper
    Jun 7, 2007
      Alright, I am a bit pissed. I spoke to Matt, and we will be changing
      the description in the morning. We just need to work on the wording.

      If you want to talk about your book, great. Can I pick it up at the
      local bookstore? I won't buy any paperback that I can't get for the
      price of a regular paperback ($9.00) or less. Trade paperbacks are
      the exception, but most of the books from ePublishers are poor quality
      binding, very little editing and usually way over-priced. Not worth
      my time or money.

      Now before someone starts on the idea that you can't get published
      anywhere else, that isn't true. It will take a lot of patience, a
      shoebox full of rejection notices and a damn tight story. A lot of
      the stuff that is published today isn't great, but it is still better
      than 99% of the stuff from the ePubs. There is always the exception,
      but as my favorite T-shirt saying says "Stereotypes save time."
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