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11233Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] Authors are invited to post?

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  • Jeff Cherpeski
    Jun 7, 2007
      Spam is when a person joins the group, and their first post is an ad for their e-book company. I will be speaking to Matt, the owner, and we will get the description changed to mention the spam factor.

      raegenhare <design@...> wrote: On the description page of this Yahoo Group is the following text:

      "If you have a book, game, movie/tv review or an interesting
      anecdote, please post, we'd love to hear from you. Topic threads are
      usually various and colorful, so have it and let's have some fun."

      I have written an eBook, and I posted. How is that spam? I provided a
      link to a FREE excerpt of my work -- how is that spam? I don't expect
      people to be able to talk with me about my work if they haven't read
      it, after all. So why do you think my post was spam?

      Again, from the Yahoo Group description:

      "This club is about sharing your delight with fantasy and science
      fiction, whether you read it, write it or love watching it, whether
      it be Television, Movies, comic books, anime, computer or platform
      games and any other medium you can think of."

      My publisher, Virtual Tales, is running a sale on genre fiction,
      including Fantasy. From the description of this Yahoo Group, I
      expected there would be some members who like to read Fantasy eBooks,
      so I passed the news along. They're giving away their entire eBook
      library in a free drawing, for goodness sake -- why is it spam to
      share that information? Did I say you can only buy my work? That you
      have to buy anything? No. I simply said that they were doing a
      promotion and a giveaway. How is that spam?

      I see that you are moderator of this group, Jeff, which makes it even
      more puzzling. I assume you or one of the other moderators wrote the
      description for this group. If your group has changed -- that is, you
      don't want published authors to post about their works, or for
      members to share information about Fantasy promotions at book
      websites, then perhaps you should change the group description, or
      set up this Yahoo Group so that you have to approve all messages
      before they are posted.

      Saje is right -- social networking is one of the best ways for new
      authors to promote their works. I'm really excited about THE EYE OF
      CAER WEILEN, and I enjoy talking about it. I've done live chats,
      sponsored contests, and posted information wherever I can to promote
      my book, and the Fantasy genre in general. I think THE EYE OF CAER
      WEILEN is the best new take on dragonlore since Pern, and I've got
      lots of fans and readers who feel that way, too. It's well
      researched, well written and professionally edited -- and the cover
      artwork is gorgeous. I am totally jazzed about it.

      But I am new author. CAER WEILEN is my first published work, and I
      hope to follow it with the second book in the series, EYES OF EARTH &
      SKY. So I need to build an audience, and I'm not sitting on my duff
      expecting Fantasy and dragon fans to find me. I have a website for
      the book, I visit forums and fan sites -- that's what I'm supposed to
      do as an author who wants to succeed.

      I hope you'll take a few moments and explain why you think that self-
      promotion by an author is spam.


      P.S. -- I also shared that Virtual Tales is open for new submissions.
      I know this group does Flash Fiction writing projects, so I figured
      there would be some members who might like to know about a good
      publisher that's actively looking for other writers. I suppose you
      think that's spam, too?

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Cherpeski
      <jcherper@...> wrote:
      > BuhBye.
      > Saje <soulsaje@...> wrote: Do you
      folks realize how few avenues for reaching out to readers of
      speculative fiction are available on-line? Readers of romance and
      its sub-genres outnumber fantasy and sci-fi buffs on-line by roughly
      a thousand to one. This little yahoo group, for example, is the
      largest of the fantasy sites here and it is roughly the same size as
      the smallest of the romance reader groups.
      > The key to success as an author these days isn't so much in the
      writing, though that is as important as ever, but in the promotion.
      If people don't KNOW to read you, all the talent and skill in the
      world isn't going to bring people to your door.
      > My publisher, Samhain, has gone from being a virtual unknown to
      becoming a second tier to the big houses themselves in only a few
      short years, due in part to the talent of its authors and our
      unflagging devotion to the OTHER side of our mission, which is to
      promote our work and those of our fellows anywhere and everywhere we
      can, in whatever manner is made available to us.
      > So perhaps this was spam, yes. Or maybe not. In either case,
      it's an example of trying to reach out to prospective readers in one
      of the most efficient ways available to a fellow author. I find
      responses like this one to be not only rude, but thoughtless and
      > One of the things that seems to set the members of the romance
      groups apart from some is that romance readers seem to be genuinely
      friendly. Since I don't write romance specifically, though some
      might consider that entirely a matter of opinion, I am at a bit of a
      disadvantage posting on such lists. Yet, to be honest, they don't
      treat me like an unwelcome stray sniffing around the door in search
      of a free meal.
      > It's no wonder that fantasy is becoming the Romance genre's poor
      cousin, at least on-line. Romance readers seem to be interested in
      something other than authors who are already well-known and whose
      bank accounts are well-padded. They are more interested in the STORY
      than the name.
      > One fellow author who posts to this group on occasion is the ONLY
      author (or reader, for that matter) I've ever seen with the gall and
      bad grace to bash another's promotional efforts on-line. And the
      fact that he's associated with this group at all brought me to the
      brink of leaving it on the spot. No one, and I mean NO ONE, does
      that. It's in horribly poor taste and left me wondering what,
      precisely, he was trying to accomplish by it. Not to mention
      guessing at his motivations.
      > I despise arrogance and pretension above all, followed closely by
      overt rudeness. If one cannot keep a civil tongue in one's mouth in
      day to day discourse, perhaps that appendage would better yet adorn
      the end of someone's dagger instead.
      > Personally I'd recommend developing a more receptive air here, and
      giving these poor folks the benefit of the doubt. I have to wonder
      how many of the lurkers here are authors who are afraid to stick
      their foot into the water out of fear of someone biting off their
      > That is not to say that everyone here seems a troll ready to
      pounce. The women in this group, at least, seem quite friendly and
      receptive. Maybe that tells more of the tale than I had realized.
      > Then again, I've always found the company of women to be
      preferable to that of most men. The behavior of the aforementioned
      fellow author, who shall remain nameless, seems to vindicate this
      > A pity, that.
      > Adieu,
      > Saje Williams
      > Author: The Infinity Project
      > Fantasy REBORN
      > http://www.sajewilliams.com
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Jeff Cherpeski
      > To: fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 9:51 AM
      > Subject: Re: [Fantasy Fiction Dungeon] A newbie hello...
      > Monty Python comes to mind....
      > Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam.
      > raegenhare <design@...> wrote: Hi! My name is Sheri Gormley, and
      I'd like to share my dragon
      > eSerial, THE EYE OF CAER WEILEN, with all of you. It's currently
      > available through Virtual Tales (www.VirtualTales.com). You can
      > visit the story website at www.CaerWeilen.com.
      > Virtual Tales emails you issues of the eSerials you subscribe to
      > twice each week. You can get the first four issues of any
      > sent to you as a free trial, and each serial costs between $3.95-
      > $6.95 total, depending on the number of words and/or issues.
      > Anyway, Virtual Tales is doing a bunch of special promotions by
      > during the month of June, and I know that they will be running a
      > Fantasy sale next week. And anyone who signs up for a free trial
      > any story during June and/or makes a purchase will be entered
      into a
      > drawing to win their entire eBook catalog.
      > I am new to this group and I just discovered that members cannot
      > files; I was going to post the first four issues of CAER WEILEN
      > you to enjoy. I'll see if I can post them somewhere on my
      website so
      > you can look at them there.
      > Sheri
      > P.S. -- For those aspiring writers here, Virtual Tales is looking
      > writers in multiple genres, and the submission proceedure is
      > on the website, too.
      > P.P.S. -- Did I mention how much I really, really LOVE the cover
      > Caer Weilen? Michael Leadingham is an awesome artist...
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