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  • Schuyler Thorpe
    Jan 9, 2007
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      It took me quite awhile to write 14 books. A lot of people say that a good book is never finished until you rewrite it at least 4 times--then punt it off to the wolves for them to rip apart at their leisure.

      I stopped handing out chapters awhile back because I don't have time between writing and critiquing. And things lately, haven't been going my way in terms of peace and quiet.

      The weather up here as everyone on edge, and we are just getting bowled over left and right--nonstop. In just three months alone (from October to December), we received more than 30" of rain for the Puget Sound area. And in a given *year*, we get that much. But not so, in just a three month time frame.

      So, that has diminished my writing tallies for the month of December (when I only got 18,000 added to my Price of Freedom novel--which there is a new 360! blog entry for it yesterday).

      This month, I might get by on maybe 20-30,000 words for my second Stories of the Dead Earth novel. But next month will be easier, because I have Starchild Duel nearly completed anyway. Starchild Ruin will take some doing though.

      I don't mind exchanging work at all with anyone who is interested. I have 5 novels which you can choose from:

      Stories of the Dead Earth: Book 1-Orphan (54 chapters)--Fantasy (with sci-fi elements mixed in)

      This novel centers on an orphaned princess lost in a distant land--caught between her desires to return home and find out what happened to her family, but fight a war in her adopted one to boot!

      Stories of the Dead Earth: Book 2-Jasper (35 chapters so far)--Same as the first book

      This book takes place on the war galleon Esmeralda Jasmine as she fights her way to Jasper, to reach save haven--only to find that a pissed off queen is gunning for the ship's captain (after she got spurned by him), and Jeanna finds herself caught between her and the man she has strong feelings for. (And you guess who *he* is.)

      The Starchild (161 chapters)--Science Fiction/Fantasy (with an interesting romance plot woven in between a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy)

      This novel is set 10,000 years into the future (12,006)--where the planet's population had been catastrophically reduced by the God of Insanity. Here, a 14-year-old girl named Isis McGowan is sent to recover a shard belonging to the Source of Chaos. But once she does, she becomes the legendary Starchild of Ancient Lore. And it is here, that her newfound status is put to the test by a paranoid captain of the Praetorial Guard, and an ex-Starchild gone rogue--whom has resurfaced after a 10,000 year sleep.

      Starchild Duel (123 chapter so far)--Same as the first book (with more of a "cat fight royale" storyline)

      The sequel to The Starchild--this novel takes place 5 years after the events catalogued in the first book; where Isis McGowan is almost 20 years old, and faces Nemesis again--but this time, in the form of a childhood friend she hasn't seen in 10 years. And to make matters worse, she's the daughter of ex-Praetorial Guard captain, Rayna Hastings. However, her task to stop Cara from wrecking havoc all over the surface is complicated even more when her counterpart's sister shows up and asks Isis to travel to an alternate universe where the other version of her is losing the battle against their Nemesis there. (Book update: Just to let everyone know, the Isis McGowan of the alternate universe and her boyfriend (Bayen) have perished in the fight against Nemesis, and Talia McGowan looks to be stranded in Isis's universe--with no way back.)

      But the fight between them both will require Isis to make the ultimate sacrifice--by forcing her to leave home and take the battle to the stars itself. (Isis--afterall--is the guardian of the known universe. So...go figure! lol )

      The Price of Freedom (156 chapters so far)--Erotic Science-Fiction Fantasy (this book I've placed an "NC-17" rating with, because of the adult scenes, language, and the graphic nature of the novel itself. I'm advising *anyone* who comes across this book on my blogsite of this--to just be aware of the book's underlying content.)

      This book is my first attempt at serious romance since finishing my "Vampiress Hunter" novel back in 2001. The Price of Freedom is set in the year 2165, and a generational war between the Neos and what's left of the human race is still continuing. The United States we knew is no more, and a resistence group called the Free Earth Movement has taken up the fight against the Neos and the mysterious Mother Control Matrix. (Keep in mind: This book has nothing to do with The Matrix in any way, shape, or form--in case anyone asks.)

      A former lieutenant from the Free Earth Movement and a liberated techno-organic soldier hatch a plan together to travel back through time to try and stop this war from happening at its *source*. But the journey from occupied Washington DC to the Lab into enemy controlled San-Francisco is going to be harder than it looks.

      Not only does Kenneth Sparks have to deal with waves of Neos and NuGen soldier-class drones, but Kayla Sorenson's various--otherworldly--transformations and abrupt mood swings. (She's the techno-organic I spoke of earlier. But at the moment, she's also 5 months pregnant too. And that sidebar is also more complex as well.)

      I've written some stories--most of them are multi-cultural/historical/alternative history-types. Only 4 so far, but I've fully outlined 20 volumes of short stories. (Of the 31 documented.)

      So probably by 2009, maybe 2010, I'll pick up where I left off with my short stories--by revamping the ones I have.

      So let me know what you have, J, and we'll share book samples with each other.


      "You should know of the One’s name that has passed through time itself, while emerging from the depths of the Great Beyond with fires and passion which burn across these lips of mine.”--Isis McGowan

      What is Bayen Yelou dreaming about? Find out more in Book 1 of The Starchild saga. (Coming January 16th, 2009)

      New Starchild blog entries here: http://360.yahoo.com/starchildalpha1

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