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11082Hello from Michigan

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  • jfmalewitz
    Jan 5, 2007
      I just joined the group. My name is Jacob Malewitz and i'm a 22 year
      old student from Michigan. I'm an editor for my college newspaper. I
      write a lot of spec-fic stuff. I've written a few sci fi stories, lots
      of literary fiction, and occasionally try my hand at essays. I'm
      working on my second novel now. My first was a good experience, but
      just had too much telling in it, instead of showing. One day, i plan
      to rewrite it. I am a part of many writing groups and find that i
      learn something new in each one. I hope that trend continues.
      Honestly, my fiction needs a lot of work to get published. I got one
      short story that i think is publishable, beyond that i have a lot of
      editing to do. But i enjoy it to much to quit. There is nothing like
      Look for some of my material in the future. And i plan on looking at
      some other peoples writing as soon as i see it, hoping to help.
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