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  • dayamdude
    Jul 2 2:11 PM
      Hey there, just wanted to say hi and stuff. I am
      a huge Eddings fan. I've read his Belgariad,
      Malloreon, Elenium and Tamuli series all more than 30 times,
      maybe more. My main reason for joining in this club was
      I need suggestions on other series. I'd like to
      start a new series of books. I tried to read Robert
      Jordan although I thought he was ( no offense to his
      fans ) a little long-winded and I got tired of waiting
      for something to happen. I got interested in the
      story but I just couldn't read on. I even tried twice
      to read the first book but... oh well, maybe third
      time is the charm. I'll give it another go later.
      Anywayz, the type of fantasy book that I am looking for is
      where there are warriors, sorcerers/wizards, a quest of
      some sort and a really good storyline. Am I asking too
      much? So does anyone have some suggestions. Oh, I
      already read Tolkein's books as well, just in case you
      might suggest that. Well, please be free to mention
      some authors or books, and state if I can get them at
      Barnes and Nobles, or some other book store. Thanks a
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