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10418Re: Anime question

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  • Yvette
    Dec 7, 2005
      No it is Hollywoodized....Most anime I see on tv here in teh
      us ...is pretty poor.

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, "Herod Antipas"
      <antippas@h...> wrote:
      > --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, "Matt"
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > As Wired Magazine likes to say, "Japanese Schoolgirl siting."
      > > and manga are very sexualized, very adult. Not all of it, but
      > > say 80 percent. Violent, too, of course. But Japanese males have
      > > obsession with young girls and sexual innuendo, especially in
      > > It's a cultural thing. Sometimes it can be very creepy.
      > >
      > > Matt
      > >
      > OK I understand that for the stuff that is for adults, but Kiki's
      > delivery service was clearly marketed at kids, at least in the US
      > has a gentle, juvenile theme throughout. It seems like the
      > sexualization of schoolgirls seeps over from the adult oriented
      > or something.
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