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  • avalmistress@aol.com
    Dec 7, 2005
      YEA.........and the characters all have really BIG big eyes and pointy dainty noses!!!

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      And have you ever noticed that the japanese characters look cacasion,
      and foregners look japanese in many of the series??

      --- In fantasyfictiondungeon@yahoogroups.com, karl barnes
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      > Yeah, alot of anime comes off as soft core with tantilizing
      glances of shapely thighs and peeks at under-panties. Inuyasha(a
      regular on Adult Swim on the Carttoon Network) has a main female
      character(can't spell the name right,but it starts with a K) from
      modern times is dressed in a super skimpy school uniform throughout
      the series. And there are some anime that ARE very soft core ie show
      nudity etc ; where the main characters are very young(school girls).
      > I'm of the thought of why don't some of these anime use older
      characters and I'm sure that there are some. I've just haven't seen
      many that do.
      > Herod Antipas <antippas@h...> wrote:
      > I know this is somewhat off topic but I really mean this as a
      > question:
      > It seems like alot of anime, some of which is ostensibly for kids,
      > rather sexualized. I recenlt watched Kiki's Delivery Service with
      > 5 year old, who adored it. Kiki is a 13 year old witch who moves
      to a
      > new town to find her fortune. The funny part was, the character
      > a dress throughout the movie, and is constantly showing her
      > underwear. Now I know that if a person really didi fly around on a
      > broom in a medium length dress, that would happen, but the
      > seemed to be going out of their way to do this at every
      > whereas American animators would have kept it to a minimum just
      > because it isn't seemly to show alot of 13-year-old girls
      > I wasn't upset, and my daughter didin't mind, but I'm just really
      > curious. Is this some cultural difference between the US and
      > Are they being realistic and just showing what things would look
      > or are they being deliberately titilating?
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