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Universes that are so totally FUBAR ...

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  • lyra_mcpherson_79
    Universes where things are just so FUBAR that trying to make things better is nigh impossible, or just simply unbelievable. Harry Potter takes the cake for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2009
      Universes where things are just so FUBAR that trying to make things better is nigh impossible, or just simply unbelievable.

      Harry Potter takes the cake for this one.
      Ginslut, reality-impaired Luna, Bossy Hermione whose hormones finally found her... which would you choose for Harry?
      I like some portrayals of those three in many different fanfics, and don't in others... in canon, that's just how I see them. Hermione, control-freak. I mean, if you're told, "Don't push this button," you will. with Homework, it's the otherway around. So when you're told and told and told and told, eventually you'll not even try to do it good when you do get around to it sincen it becomes a chore (which you get told and told and told to do.)

      Ginny, more like 'What Weasley? Who? Ron, Fred and George have a sister? when did that happen?!'

      Luna. The perfect person whose spot in the series could have been taken by Ginny. You know, V's back, and Harry remembers what Ginny went through in her first year. would have been the PERFECT build up to a Harry/Ginny relationship. JKR's chance to also show kids how relationships should go.
      instead we get harrys' "Wet" kiss, Poor dating performance, and another (poor) choice for fans to ship Harry with.
      By then, they were already shipping him with Pansy, Daphne and every other Female character in the series... Narcissa included.
      don't need another.

      Because it's a story about Harry Vs Voldemort, when you get down to it. So keeping who he'll end up with vague is a no no, in my mind. it's why the fanon stories ship him early.
      Personal drama okay, yeah. But by end of OP most of us got the impression that Harry, was JKR's whipping boy... kinda.

      Then there's the whole Voldemort situation.

      Harry commiting Suicide kills Voldemort? Yeah, nice message there Jo!

      So, before the 'resolution' for his personal life, we got that the Dursleys haven't shown him a stable, sane, nice family home.
      The Weasleys - well, Molly got Arthur through Love Potion, so that's out.
      Even then, they haven't shown him what family life can be, everday, without the 'we have a guest, behave' factor.
      Lets say it was all real. Just for this example so I don't sound stupid saying it.
      I, at 14, had more life experience (social skills etc) than Harry at 17.
      If I were Harry, after the second (if that!) lesson with Snape, I'd refuse to participate unless he was sacked. And send that letter to the Daily Prophet. And when I learn about Rita, send a letter asking her what she thinks about their Potions Curriculum. Then finding out that Snape went to school with my dad, tell her how teachers -who are supposed to be unbiased- is picking on their favourite celebrity because he hated the heroic-dead-auror, James Potter.

      But no, Harry 'takes it like a man'. A man would have kicked Sev in the balls after a week of that.
      A man would have killed him after 2.

      Hell he didn't even take it like a woman - not being sexist, just using the 'stereotypes' in regards to thsi sort of thing.
      A woman would have... well, lets just say, had JKR wrote it this way, no fanficcer could have wrote a 'Sev's child' story where said child is conceived midway-or-after Harry's first year. Yes, my fellow Males, wince and cross your legs. That's how many women would deal with such a nasty piece of work.

      except JKR, it seems.

      So we've got an undertrained Pussy for a main character. His male best friend is a jealous twat who doesn't believe in learning in order to know things, and a female best friend who is a control freak with a inferiority/superior complex - she needs to be told how good she is and likes to show it too, while telling her friends what they should be doing.

      And this kid has to face a guy who when he was a kid, already knew a lot of magic before starting hogwarts. Who learned a tonne more in hogwarts. and went on to become a big badass with sucky planning skills but 40 years experience. An up-coming dark lord can't just proclaim himself to be one and others who want to be same, not try to kill him.

      No wonder we like to power Harry up so much.

      Maybe we should just do a story where "the hand of the other" kills voldemort while the dirk is so focussed on killing a kid?
      this other could contemplate killing Harry just to put him out of his misery, and we be glad Harry didn't speak to the guy, since the guy would have if Harry did.

      God, put like this, Harry needs to grow some balls.

      but lets see...

      Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 1 girl in all the world. Millions of Vampires. Who made millions because they realised when they simply numbered in the thousands; A slayer might kill 10 or 20 a week. But they can replenish those numbers quite easily...
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