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Re: [fanficauthors] Proposed new FFA Author: BajaB

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  • Cristi P
    It has been nearly a week with no reply on this... Keith, any input?
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 25 11:29 PM
      It has been nearly a week with no reply on this... 

      Keith, any input? 

      On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 9:36 AM, Cristi P <chris050987@...> wrote:
      After the recent discussions, I thought I'd try to revive the nomination thread we had waaaay back then on FFA. Hopefully this will generate more interest and speed up the rate of new author additions. 

      More discussion on this can be found on

      The first such nomination / recommendation comes from Perspicacity, because I'm slow ;) Can be found on Beyond the Veil, for those who have accounts there: http://tinyurl.com/BtV-BajaB , and I have pasted it below. 

      Author Name: BajaB
      Author URLhttp://www.fanfiction.net/u/943028/BajaB
      Fandom(s): Harry Potter
      Slash/Mature Content: Occasional mature themes

      Summary of author's work: Harry Potter fanfiction; specializes in breezy humor with occasional explorations of dramatic themes. A master of the twist-ending, he has several brilliant stories of note that are very popular and highly reviewed on fanfiction.net. Novels: 2 (2 completed); Novelettes/Novellas: 9 (8 completed); Shorter works: 37

      Why I think this author should be on FFA: BajaB is a proven, prolific talent in Harry Potter fanfiction writing with 48 stories to his credit and steady output since 2006. His prose style is simple and direct: clean and fast and, to borrow a term often applied to JKRowling's writing, "sturdy" writing that's there to deliver a killer (and often a twist) ending. And he ends his stories very well, among the best in the fandom. Essentially every story centers on a new idea, most of which have never been explored before. His work is diverse and sufficiently accessible as to appeal to a broad range of readers. 

      BajaB has two completed novels, The Memory Chest, and Fugitives of Azkaban, but he is probably best known for his popular shorter works, including Almost a SquibDark MarauderHarry the Hufflepuff, and The Substitute. Judging by the large number of reviews his stories have received on fanfiction.net, he is clearly a very popular author who would likely bring substantial traffic to the site. 

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