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Re: [fanficauthors] Re: Drawbacks with the new site

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  • Tim Joy
    It doesn t need one -as it uses @print in the css. Yes you can.
    Message 1 of 15 , Dec 23, 2009
      It doesn't need one -as it uses @print in the css.

      Yes you can.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 4:01 AM, Harry <knight902001@...> wrote:

      It also doesn't have a printer friendly mode and you can't changethe font size.

      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, Tim Joy <jeconais@...> wrote:
      > > 1) the main author listing page (www.fanficauthors.net) doesn't honor the size or the font style cookies.  (Speaking of which, why are account options not available on that page?)
      > Right... that may be because it has the wrong div id - I'll look into that.
      > It's not had the account features, because in the end, the page is
      > just a hack. However, a lot more people seem to use it than I
      > thought, so maybe it is time to have a look at it. Adding the user
      > features would be easy enough (just a case of adding the module).
      > It's times like this that I wish I was more of a designer.
      > > 2) I can get the font size to take effect, but not the font face _except_ Georgia and Monotype, beyond the default, which is odd.  Based on the other post regarding having fonts locally, I do have a Georgia font installed, but not a Monotype.  I have Times New Roman installed, too, and that one doesn't work.  In general, I have about 75% of the fonts installed that match name-for-name.
      > I think I'm going to need to rewrite the whole font stuff. It clearly
      > isn't fit for purpose, so I'll do some research and see what I can
      > come up with.
      > > 3) As an aside, on any of the "safe" fanficauthors pages, when you click More Authors, you get the subset of 4 authors in that category, not all the site authors.  That's a bit backwards relative to the other authors and how the link works (showing all).  The only way to get all authors listed again is to click on the hidden link on the FFA.net banner.  Is this intentional, oversight, or . . . ?
      > It's actually always been that way - a little unbalanced. Basically,
      > some of the NSNS authors were unhappy with the page linking to non
      > NSNS authors. They wanted to ensure that kids could click around with
      > a degree of safety.
      > > One thing I miss about the old code is that I could get the entire author update grid on my screen at one time.  With the new site, the templates and font sizes and whitespace use make it outright impossible.  That's one of the big reasons I keep trying to make this work.
      > I had to increase the height because some of the authors were using
      > incredibly long names, and I wanted to add a couple of links. As I
      > said above, it's probably time for some sort of redesign on the
      > homepage.
      > Tim

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