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273Re: Site structure anoyance.

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  • ubereng
    Dec 21, 2010
      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, Chris P <chris050987@...> wrote:
      > It takes 5-10 minutes to open all the individual author pages and log in,
      > then whatever password manager you use will helpfully fill in the form when
      > you next hit that author page. No reason to make changes :D

      Not quite.

      You need to:
      (1) Erase the site cookies.
      (2) Load an author subdomain.
      (3) Copy and Paste the username and password into the PW manager and click login.
      (4) Repeat-all, for 22 authors (more reportedly on the way).

      That's about 30 seconds per author, for a total of at least 11 minutes of mindless clicking. Repeat for every different machine you use.

      Then do it all again, if/when you change your password.

      If you think that 11 minutes (times 3 main machines, for me) is not such a long time, Then get an acquaintance to punch you in the arm twice a minute for 11 minutes -- time slows way, the fark, down.

      I suppose I might gin up a Firefox extension to automate the process, but that's at the very bottom of my rainy-day, to-code list. (FFA's the only problem site and updated stories are rather infrequent these days.)
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