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268Re: [fanficauthors] Re: Site structure anoyance.

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  • Tim Joy
    Dec 20, 2010
      Rule 1 of internet survival: If something gets a visceral reaction, never reply immediately.

      These are staying.  They are the core feature of ffa.net that I "sold" the service to other authors as.  That everyone is equal and everyone has their own subdomain.  If I was told that it was changing to fanficauthors.net/jeconais/ I'd leave the site.  So I'm definitely not doing that.

      Changing to a single login domain:
      This half exists, as www.fanficauthors.net has the account settings as well.  

      The problem comes with the per-domain logins.  As far as I'm aware, these password managers read the current domain, not the target domain, so changing the per-domain code to post to one place isn't going to win anything. 

      Auto redirecting people might work, although I'd have to get around to implementing sessions (*) and storing original domain in there, so that I can always send people back to the right site.

      If there's enough demand, I'll look at doing something like that when I start to write more code.  At the moment, I'm in "writing" mode, so am not looking at code.


      * - why, no, I wouldn't use the default session stuff, it's horrid.
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