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263Re: Site structure anoyance.

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  • ubereng
    Dec 19, 2010
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      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, pfeil <pfeilspitze@...> wrote:
      > On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 01:27, ubereng <mryahell@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > For future projects or improvements to FFA, please keep that in mind.  It's better to structure the URL's like "http://fanficauthors.net/viridian/", "http://fanficauthors.net/jeconais/", etc.
      > >
      > No, it really isn't. The sites have different branding, so the
      > subdomains is the best choice. FFA correctly sends the auth cookie
      > for .fanficauthors.net, not the subdomain, so you don't need to login
      > to each of them separately.
      > As Ralph said, fix your password manager.
      > Now, because it's essentially a single-sign-on, we can debate whether
      > it would be better to have the login requests as redirects to
      > login.fanficauthors.net, rather than forms on the same url as the
      > story, but that would be a DCR, not a bug.

      Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

      The sites do not have significant "different" branding and that's a completely ludicrous and spurious reason to say that subdomains are better than subfolders, anyway.

      I never said that I had to relogin, once logged in. (Except when logins expire or cookies are deleted)
      The problem comes with following a link to a story on subsite B, but the PW manager only has a record for subsite A. So every time we visit a new subsite, it either has to be within a few days of our last visit (not likely, given the activity level at FFA), or we must dredge up the account credentials and create yet another PW-manger entry for FFA.

      As for fixing my password manager, there is nothing wrong with it, I didn't write it, and it's not the source of the problem -- and as already seen on this thread, others have the same issue.

      Redirecting to login.fanficauthors.net would probably be an acceptable band-aid, but more work than just switching the structure -- which could be as easy as one redirect in the server config. (FFA appears to use Nginx, which I'm not too familiar with).
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