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242Re: While waiting for the next installment of Perfect Slytherins, chew on this

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  • Chaos S
    Sep 28, 2010
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      Don't think you read that far into it. The author, while originally seeming to push Hermione forward as a potential relationship (actually she later explains that away just as girls coming into maturity earlier0, now seems to have gone down the slash path (or will be).

      Note that the whole "He's in love" occurred only after the whole Tom thing (won't go into detail).

      I foresee Harveste/Voldemort pairing in the near future.....

      Damn her. Then again, it's not really surprising given the appearance that she gave Harveste anyway.

      Just another case of bad-boy fangirlism, move along, nothing to see....

      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, James Carter <nuittombee@...> wrote:
      > Story Info:-----------Category: Harry PotterTitle: HarvesteGenre: General/FamilyRating: Rated: TSummary: He's done it. He's just five years old, but he's finally done it. TheDursleys are gone. And now he's with a new family who seems just as twisted ashe is. How strange.URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6341291/1/
      > The first three are good as there is a lack of slash/yaoi, which the author, being fan-girl that she it, seems to crave.
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