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210Re: [fanficauthors] Re: EPUB Support

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  • Tim Joy
    Apr 28, 2010
      The mentioned file is fixed, and I'm kinda presuming that the others will  be equally as fixed - however, if they aren't, please let me know which stories are missing data.

      mobi and lit files are regenerating at the moment.


      On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 3:38 AM, iceweazel <wahl@...> wrote:

      Seems to work fairly well. Thanks for the cool feature.  

      I've got an older Sony Libre(J) from the bad old days that I gutted and
      hacked together with a US reader. I've installed the latest ePub
      firmware recently. Most of the books I've tried seem to work alright.
      page #s do really weird things though on the Sony. Dunno if that's
      normal as I haven't mucked about with epub much yet.  A quick look at
      the format makes me want to slap someone for sure.   Format by
      committee sucks.

      However a couple of books I've tried seem to be missing chapters.  
      They have their header, title and that's it.   I can't tell right off
      where the issue is but it not client side.   I unzipped the .epub
      file and looked, the .html for the top is ok, but all the chapter text
      is just plain missing.  
      -example: FP's years of rebellion, unzip it and look at chapter 8: Happy
      birthday to me.  


      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, Tim Joy <jeconais@...> wrote:
      > After a few days' worth of hacking (well, a couple of hours a day),
      > I've added EPUB support to Fanficauthors.net.

      --- In fanficauthors@yahoogroups.com, Tim Joy <jeconais@...> wrote:
      > After a few days' worth of hacking (well, a couple of hours a day),
      > I've added EPUB support to Fanficauthors.net.
      > From wikipedia:
      > EPUB (electronic publication; also sometimes ePub, EPub, or epub) is a
      > free and open e-book standard, by the International Digital Publishing
      > Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. EPUB is designed for
      > reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for
      > the particular display device. The format is meant to function as a
      > single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house,
      > as well as for distribution and sale. It supersedes the Open eBook
      > standard...
      > In a more open language, it's a way of displaying stories on iPhones,
      > Android, and other mobile devices, including a load of the new
      > ereaders. it isn't, however, supported by Kindle, that uses a
      > proprietary format.
      > While I've tested it as much as I can, there still may be problems -
      > especially as I don't have a device capable of reading them. I've
      > tried one of the examples on O'Reily's Bookworm, and run quite a few
      > of the archives through the epubcheck tool. As such, there is a beta
      > flag next to the download link. I don't normally like doing this, but
      > being unable to do rigourours testing of anything other than creation
      > and validation, there's not much else I can do.
      > Irritatingly, the major problem I had was creating the container, as
      > the mimetype file has to be both the first file in the archive, and
      > NOT COMPRESSED. The zip software I was using was compressing the
      > file, and debugging it was a pain in the rear. Second problem was the
      > actual xhtml itself. In order for FFA.net to be as compatible in it's
      > base form as possible, I deliberately use things like the bold tag,
      > rather than a style="" attribute. The xhtml, of course, required the
      > opposite, so some playing around was required.

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