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198Re: [fanficauthors] March Updates

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  • Shalon Wood
    Apr 6, 2010
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      Well, I see FP's update, in Feb, in the second place, while the Mar. 10
      update from Deluded Musing is 7th.

      Keep in mind that I use elinks, and don't have javascript; on the other
      hand, they were sorted before, so I assume you aren't using js to do the

      Shalon Wood

      Tim Joy <jeconais@...> writes:

      > Which story is out of place? It all looks correct here.
      > On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Shalon Wood <dstar@...> wrote:
      >> Is the list of authors on the front page no longer supposed to be sorted
      >> by update date? It doesn't seem to be, anyway.
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