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190Re: [fanficauthors] March Updates

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  • Tim Joy
    Mar 31, 2010
      > A minor nitpick. Would it be possible to change the way the list of stories show up on the main page? right now, it simple makes a list that stretches down, and in the cases of Bobmin or Clell, that's a LOONG list. What if, instead of just extending the square, you enlarge it so it takes up the all the screen (as necessary, listing the stories like the "List" option in windows folders)? This won't keep the current "sort by last update" order, but it makes all the stories by the more prolific authors easier to see, rather than having to scroll endlessly.

      I suspect it would need someone with better front-end skills than me
      to make it work. The design is currently a three column based thing,
      and making things rearrange (without resorting to a modal window) to
      allow for this sort of expansion isn't something I really know how to

      I'm far better at the backend stuff. it's what I get paid for, after all :)

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