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  • Tim Joy
    Jan 8, 2010
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      Getting close to the end of the bugs that need fixing.

      * Added "Print" link back. Sure, the browser already did the
      correct thing when you hit print, but dash-it-all if people didn't
      like that thing
      * Added prettier error messages. Because sometimes, a web page
      just likes to look good.
      * Added favicon, if only to stop the endless request appearing in
      my logfiles
      * Changed the chapter upload procedure so sending stuff live is a
      lot more obvious
      * Rewrote the email notification to actually work this time
      * Added "Keep me logged in for a week" button for those that
      aren't on a browser that saves session cookies...
      * Fixed error when authors add completely invalid html that even
      Tidy doesn't like
      * Fixed invalid link to new account creation from review boxes -
      now people won't get meaningless COPPA warnings
      * erm, yeah, and get around to point 4 on the previous post... (to
      do with the news invalidation etc)

      Still to do:

      * Work out why using p and b tags together ends up with a strike-through
      * Fix the author review emails to have the correct admin link