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134Re: [fanficauthors] Drawbacks with the new site

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  • Harold Ancell
    Dec 15, 2009
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      At 02:47 AM 12/15/2009, Tim Joy wrote:

      >As you seem to be somewhat knowledgable, can you have a look at the cookies you have for .<http://fanficauthors.net>fanficauthors.net and see if you have anything like ff or fs? The code runs on a jquery $(document),ready() and resizes the main content div with the values in the cookie.

      I also have FF 3.5 and Linux 64 bit (version I compiled myself +
      Debian lenny) and I've got those cookies, and their contents
      are as I set the parameters (e.g. 18pt and times+new+roman) and
      only size changes are respected.

      Or only they *were* respected, now font changes are. Maybe you
      fixed this as I was checking it out and composing this message?

      - Harold
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