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Incoming! April 2010, Duck!

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    1. Incoming! April 2010, Duck! 2. March 2010 Recap 3. Reunion Preparation Reminders 4. Got Funds? Don t Fret 5. Event Planner Tips Here is a shout out to
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      1. Incoming! April 2010, Duck!
      2. March 2010 Recap
      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders
      4. Got Funds? Don't Fret
      5. Event Planner Tips

      Here is a shout out to family reunion planners in Atlanta Georgia,
      South Carolina and Virginia!

      1. Incoming! April 2010, Duck!
      The first quarter of 2010 has just passed. Tommorow marks the first day of the second quarter of 2010. When this quarter passes we will be
      looking at the second half of this year. That said savor every moment. Tommorow is not promised to us.

      2. March 2010 Recap.
      Fimark began work on a webpage that will categorize and present family reunion printables according to our five themes. These themes include: Traditional, Living Legends Ball, Family Fest, Luxury Cruise and Genealogy Home Tour.

      Fimark partners with zazzle for t-shirts, favors and gifts

      Cafepress is now onboard at http://cafepress.com/fimarkhome with all shirt sizes, colors and styles.

      Spent more time with family. Just made it happen.

      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders

      Now is the time to check where you are on the "Family Reunion
      Timeline Checklist". Wrap up collecting photos, stories, genealogy
      research and start making definite plans to put together your photo
      and genealogy presentations. Select a weekend to put together your
      family reunion keepsake booklet.

      By now most of the funds should be collected. Commence ordering T-
      shirts now if you have not done so. Don't wait any longer. You'll
      need time to examine a sample, approve it and have them start
      printing. When the shirts arrive you'll need to check each one and
      return a few for replacements. Plan to have your t-shirts on hand by
      the end of April. Touch base with all committee members to make sure
      they are making progress on assigned task.

      4. Got Funds?
      Don't fret if the funds are coming in slowly. That's typical. All
      that's needed is a little extra help. It's time to delegate family
      members in each state to pay other family members a visit and start
      collecting dues for you. Give your collection agent the current
      figures from your Attendee Registration Workbook found in the Family
      Reunion Planner. Tell them to have dues collected and deposited in
      the family account by the third week of April. The sooner the better.
      You can also open an account at paypal or google checkout to accept payments. Mail out flyers with the dates, activities and add an extra stamped envelope for mailing in payments. Download fresh new flyer templates at

      5. Reunion Planner Tips
      If you're putting in long hours at the computer desk or craft table
      be sure to get up each hour and stretch those legs. Circulation is
      essential to good health. Get up and walk or take a quick sprint
      around the house or the block. Need other supplies? Get up and get
      them. Don't put off an opportunity to get out of the chair. Pace
      around the room to stimulate you reasoning processes. Drink a glass
      of water while working to promote good brain function, creativity
      and stabilize your mood. Give yourself plenty of time for reunion
      planning tasks during the day so you can get plenty of sleep at
      night. Sooner or later you're going to be pulling your hair out in search of a family reunion themed poem for the dinner program.
      Find inspiring poetry...

      Don't have the latest version of fimark's Family Reunion Planner?
      Get your copy of the award winning Family Reunion Planner 3.0 at

      Happy Reunion Planning Everyone!
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