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January’s Reunion Planning Task Reminders

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    Inside: Family Reunion Planning Tasks Reminder Going Back To School Recession Proof Business Opportunities Sparks Flyers Bangs and Booms! Two for One – Great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2010

      Family Reunion Planning Tasks Reminder
      Going Back To School
      Recession Proof Business Opportunities
      Sparks Flyers Bangs and Booms!
      Two for One – Great Dating Deals
      Black History Month

      Family Reunion Planning Tasks Reminder
      Your family reunion planning task reminder for January 26th:
      Send out all surveys. As surveys are returned begin compiling survey reports to determine elected theme and activities. After your survey report is complete you can prepare an initial Itinerary of activities and consider appropriate facilities, needed supplies, services, venues etc.  Compile a recommendations report based on surveys in preparation for committee/group conference to be held in February. See your Family Reunion Planners "Timeline Planner" for more details.  Don't have the Family Reunion Planner?  Go to
      http://www.family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/step1.html to evaluate the software.

      February's Just Around The Corner

      January 2010 came in with a Bang, and February will be adding to the sparks and whistles.  There's Black History month with free fascinating lectures, tours and activities.  For those die hard sports fans many will be preparing  for a spectacular Super Bowl party.  Others will be taking advantage of special deals on romantic get-a-aways  and dining for two.  That said, everyone wants to know how to get more bang for the buck.  And speaking about bucks could anyone out there use more bucks?  If you have a family member who's out of a job, he or she is being asked to seriously consider two options.  Going back to school under a Pell Grant and/or consider recession proof business opportunities. 

      Going Back to School
      Of course your thinking who has the bucks for that anymore?  You might recall that under the current administration a family member can go back to school and still draw on unemployment benefits using the Pell Grant.  If one of the students parents are unemplyed this might interest you.  The new Budget includes a new five-year, $2.5 billion Access and Completion Incentive Fund to support innovative State efforts to help low-income students succeed and complete their college education. That said, it may be time to think seriously about taking advantage of these initiatives. 

      Recession Proof Business Opportunities
      Many who were unemployed during past recessions took advantage of two things. Recession proof business opportunities and lower priced resources to get thier businesses off and running.  Thousands went on to be successful, earning three or more times the income compared to income earned from their previous jobs.  What are a few recession proof business opportunities that won't break the bank to start up?  Here are a few.

      1. Day care service

      2. For those with nursing degree: Assisted Living services

      3. Grocery shopping and delivery service

      4. Plant care service

      5. House sitting services

      6. Bakery service

      7. Office party catering and cleanup service

      8. Marketing and promoting a low cost high demand product/service online.

      Have you seen the prices on printers, computers and cell phones lately?  Dirt cheap if your looking in the right place. Frequent some of the Computer Shows in your area or go online and compare bargain prices and you'll see you can easily save 70% off what you would have spent 3 years ago.  Save a bundle on accounting and tax software, office products and electronics. See www.fimark.net for pricing.  In addition there are special grants and programs available to help ground your businesses and bolster the economy.  Need help drawing up a business plan? Go to http://businessplans.fimark.net 

      Sparks Flyers Bangs and Booms!
      Depending on your taste your big bang may be the Big Game.   Where can you find some inexpensive, fun ideas to enjoy the event? First stop  eHow.com.  This article emporium has answers to just about anything you can think of.  Well organized and an endless stream of information.  Check out the article on preparing for the Big Game at home or at the office…

      Super Bowl Office Party Flyers
      Grab a Super Bowl Party flyer to announce your Big Game event to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers at the office.  You find these flyers meet good business and office ethics standards…

      Two For One Great Dating Deals
      Brenda and I love to set aside Friday as our Date night.  We've been doing this for the past 29 years.  I would venture to say we problem only missed 5 Friday night dates in all that time.  We like to mix it up. We might just take a ride down to the local diner and grab a pizza and soda or we might take it all home and watch a newly released movie.  We find that we enjoy ourselves most when we don't have high expectations.  Just deliberately making plans to be alone to enjoy each other is really what being on a good date is all about.  If you're planning on taking your loved one on a weekend special in February you're probably going to eat in and dine out.  That said consider saving a bundle while having a ball. Whip out the entertainment book and call ahead to make sure your two for one coupon will be honored.  Looking for discounts on dining movie tickets, gifts and the Entertainment book? Go here…

      Black History Month
      What could be a better time to stop and remember from where one came and the struggles and successes involved.  Black History Month is not an observance for Black Americans alone.  It's an observance with universal appeal.   It's a challenge of courage and standard of ethics.  It's a symbol of all our struggles in life and rising above them to show our true best self.  Want to test your knowledge of special civil rights moments in history? Play the Black History Month Trivia game.  Learn how to trace your roots to the 17th century and beyond.  Take a tour of cities and consider how each community played a role in the advancement of a people and the growth of a nation.  Stop by
      http://black-history.fimark.net for more information.

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       Happy Family Reunion Planning!


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