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Beating Winter Storm Blues

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    Inside: 1. East Coast Winter Storm Alert 2. Beating Winter Storm Blues 3. Reunion Planning Timeline 4. 3 Great Freebies From Shutterfly 1. East Coast Winter
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2009
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      1. East Coast Winter Storm Alert
      2. Beating Winter Storm Blues
      3. Reunion Planning Timeline
      4. 3 Great Freebies From Shutterfly

      1. East Coast Winter Storm Alert

      While many on the west coast are basking better weather conditions those on the east coast are up to their knees in snow ice and braving heavy winds to boot. One street Argonne drive Baltimore MD is nornally bustling with traffic. At present not a car or soul in sight for several blocks. The great winter storm of 2009 has struck with a fury and has all but paralyzed the community. We hope that everyone has found a warm place to rest thier heads.

      Maryland officials are urging residents to stay indoors. Given the fierce wind, heavy snowfall, icy roads there's not much choice.
      As the monster storm pounds the east coast airports have cancelled flights or are operating with excessive delays.

      2. Beating Winter Storm Blues

      How do you beat the snow storm blues? First step get the kids outdoors. Let the play to thier hearts content. Cuddle up with hot apple cider or a bowl of homemade stew. What are some folks doing while waiting out the long winter storm. We went online to find out.

      "I like to take this time to plan the next family reunion. I prepare surveys, lookup destinations, update the attendee registration records and do pretty much whatever else is needed."

      "I normally don't have much time to be creative with the business and family to care for. At times like these I put my creative side to work and make greeting card crafts from whatever I find online. I prefer greeting card template designs that allow me to use my scissors and glitter glue."

      "I catch up on my online gift giving. Since I know I won't be seeing the mailman for a few days I'll save time and money sending email gifts and printable gift cards this year."

      "I enjoy writing letters and making phone calls to folks I haven't spoken to in a while. I'm the one in the family with the big bad weather story this year. Might as well make the most of it."

      "This is a good time to plan out the next family party. I get the kids involved. After they've spent a long day playing in the snow we bake cookies and heat up some hot chocolate. Then we look over photos of previous parties and start planning the next one. They love it."

      "I look for bargains online. Printable coupons, coupon codes and coupon books. Since we'll be going to florida in the spring I'm looking for good 2 for 1 deals. So far I'm finding what I need."

      3. Reunion Planning Timeline

      For our members on the East Coast: While the kids are out in the snow you have a few minutes to update your tasks using Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Timeline Planner. Since many family members have the day off from work use this time to share your ideas for the next family reunion event with as many family members as possible including possible dates and activities to be presented in the family reunion survey form. Interview older family members and swap online photos.

      4. 3 Great Freebies From Shutterfly
      Speaking of online photos Fimark recently entered an affiliate partnership with Shutterfly and can now offer additional freebies such as a free digital photo sharing website. Excellent for setting up a family reunion site complete with photos and captions. The animated photobook, scrapbook and special occasion albums are phenomenal. You also get free photo prints, photo storage and professionally printed photobooks.

      With free membership you can enter and view digital scrapbooks from other shutterfly members. Just seeing what others have created gives me the inspiration I need to move forward with my projects.

      Happy Reunion Planning!
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