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Spiritual Family Reunion Planning

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    Inside This Newsletter: Timeline Planner Calendar Reminders 1. Spiritual Family Reunion Planning 2. Generosity from The Past 3. Poems With Reach That Teach
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2009
      Inside This Newsletter:
      Timeline Planner Calendar Reminders
      1. Spiritual Family Reunion Planning
      2. Generosity from The Past
      3. Poems With Reach That Teach

      Timeline Planner Calendar Reminders
      The online Family Reunion Timeline Planner 3.0, gives this calendar day reminder: Contact committee or group members and finalize day and time of next meeting. TIPS: This is a great time to find gifts in the form of engraved plaques, trophy awards, cups and glasses as well as accessories for family reunion guests of honor. Find mark-downs on tablecloths and party ware, wrapping paper, string lights, shimmer, glimmer and glow decoration items perfect for the dinner program.

      1. Spiritual Family Reunion Planning
      While there are many reasons to hold a family reunion, there are also many themes. Among them are the Tradional family reunion complete with visits to the family cemetary or gravesite and a heartwarming walk about the homestead grounds. Other reunion themes include Living Legends Ball, Genealogy Tours and Family Fests. But one that should not be overlooked is perhaps most important of all, Spiritual Family Reunions.

      While there are varied definitions for spirituality, the moment one introduces another as a spiritual mother, son, daughter or father it is evident that the relationship is on a highly respected moral level with both acknowleging the mutual support given or recieved under Divine guidance.

      That said a spiritual family reunion can be one of the most uplifting occasions combining blood relationships with those who have aspired to inspire others for their good and well-being.

      Brenda and I are planning just that occasion. This will be an enclosed gathering with many skits, stories, poems read, singing and gifts exchanged. The underlying message will be one of deep gratitude, take time to count your blessings and see the good resulting from your hard work as a spiritual support.

      2. Generosity From The Past

      While many are taking the time to exercise the spirit of giving, giving back and gifting, we don't want to forget those who gave to us although they have long since passed away. It is a fact that many of us would not be what and where we are were it not for such gracious undeserved kindness. That said, perhaps a note or token of our thankful sentiments to the family members of those who reached out to us would be appropriate.

      3. Poems With Reach That Teach

      Come June and early July family reunion planners will be scouring the Internet looking for poems of inspiration that reflect the family mission statement and slogan. Often time just does not allow for finding just the right sentiment. For that reason here are some excerpts of poems that aspire to inspire, motivate and teach us once we have gathered our family together.

      Finding Our Way Back Home
      "Somehow by grace and providence
      we've arrived to fall upon the bosom of all our family.
      To kiss warm faces and wipe the tears<br>of joy from cheeks cracked and dimpled by time.
      We found our way back home.
      Yes, we found our way back home.

      By some miracle we all stand and look around and are
      reminded that ours is a union resilient and empowered
      by years of congealed tears of joy, love and sorrow.
      Braced by our own blood,
      comforted by our own songs we labor to find our way home
      We found our way back home..."

      Access the entire poem, find more poems and print poetic art gift presentations at

      Happy reunion planning!
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