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Observing November Family Reunion Planning Month

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    November 2009 marks the fourth annual observance of Family Reunion Planning Month. Find out what we have been doing to promote this important observance for
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      November 2009 marks the fourth annual observance of Family Reunion Planning Month. Find out what we have been doing to promote this important observance for the next generation.

      November 2009
      It is a very important month for family reunion planners and those who have been giving the subject some consideration bringing together extended family for much needed support, encouragement and inspiration.

      Over and over again history has proven three vital factors relating to our survival as a family unit. The first is we need family. The second is we need to earn a living to care for family. The third is the most challenging of all and prompts us to ask an age old question. How do I find a balance between secular work and family support?

      All too often the demands of secular employment require the bread winner to relocate leaving extended family members behind and sometimes feeling a bit neglected. For this reason many have chosen to establish family traditions and social standards, assuring that family members keep in touch with what's going on in each family member's life and thus the annual family reunion was born.

      While family members quibble over when traditional family reunions should be held others seek to establish a date based on a proclamation or recommendation by someone of note or social status. This has led to digging up some very interesting family reunion trivia. Note the following family reunion proclamations as reported by the world contributed encyclopedia, Wikipedia.org.

      Family Reunion Month
      A Proclamation establishing June 16, 1985, as "Family Reunion Month" to raise awareness of runaway children and help reunite families of runaways. Authorized by the President of the United States.

      National Family Reunion Month
      While August has been dubbed National Family Reunion Month by commercial organizations, many social groups and churches observe National Family Reunion Month in the month of July.

      In recognition of National Picnic and Recreation Month, GenealogyForum.org named July 2004, Family Reunion Planning Month.

      Family Reunion Planning Month
      Unique to family reunion trivia is an observance centering around family reunion planning. Family Reunion Planning Month. Established in 2005 by Legendary Heritage Heirloom and Fimark Event Planners founder Mark Askew.

      November 21-24 as "Family Reunion Planning Week".

      Why November? Here are 10 good reasons.

      1. November is the time of year extended families come together making this an ideal time to discuss and establish suggested dates and activities for the next family reunion.

      2. November - January are periods of time where families swap photos and videos. It's an ideal time to start putting together materials for family scrapbooks, family history books, memory books and family reunion keepsake booklets.

      3. During this time elder family members like to keep family traditions alive and may make their own proclamations, education and financial planning and seek to empower the family union in some other way. Family reunion planning helps to serve that purpose well.

      4. November one of the more intimate times of the year. Indoor activities are the norm. This includes story telling. This makes for an excellent time to do family history information gathering including interviewing the elders of the family.

      5. November starts eight week before the close year. A good time to access the accomplishments of the family and set goals to complete important tasks before year end. One such task could be to establish a date, time and place to hold the next family reunion.

      6. Many November observances are family oriented. Aside from the obvious, others including:

      National Adoption Month
      I Am So Thankful Month
      Child Safety and Protection Month
      Family Stories Month
      National Family Caregiver Month
      National Family Literacy Month
      International Creative Child and Adult Mont

      Therefore this dates takes advantage of the fact that spending time with family is already being given serious consideration and preparation.

      7. November is great time for family outings including nature walks, visiting museums and

      8. November is a typical month families use to plan summer vacations and other major recreational activities.

      9. November is a traditional time to remember, with a view to expressing gratitude and appreciation.

      10. November is a time when genealogist's conference and exchange interest historic artifacts and research techniques.

      This is also a good time to get all family members involved in the family reunion planning process and appointing each and everyone over some aspect of the program.

      That said, November's Family Reunion Planning Month observance puts family in an ideal position to enjoy making plans that unite and empower our most basic and precious unit of society, family.

      Why not start preparing to plan your next family reunion today?

      For more information regarding Family Reunion Planning Month go to our pages at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/index2.html.

      Need ideas, tools, banners, flyers, invitations, formatted letters, tshirt iron-ons and more? We've made big changes and updates to the family reunion website to bring you more of what you need now. Check it out! We think you like it.
      Visit us at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

      Happy reunion planing!

      from Mark and Brenda
      Founder, Legendary Heritage Heirlooms
      Fimark Event Planners
      Fimark Home Online
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